10 ways to survive in this world

Every single day, we ask ourselves how to survive in this world because generally, life can be overwhelming, from seeking money to maintaining healthy body weight. With social media everywhere, we have so much information than we ever thought we could have but at the same time, the information pollutes our brains leaving us in a depressed state of mind.

You have to love yourself, accept your shortcoming, love all your insecurities, learn, make valuable friendships and sometimes be patient with yourself because it’s not easy to survive this world.

You should remember that we are the masters of our own fate and we determine what our life will be. Your life is yours and no one. You choose how to live it.

How to Survive in this world

These are some basic traits that can make your life easier in this world but at the end of the day, what you do and achieve is up to you.

1 . Love yourself

You have to love yourself first in order to survive in this world, If you don’t love yourself, you will end up depressed and trying to change every aspect of your body through surgeries.

BY accepting your imperfections first, you will accept the imperfections of the world because the world is imperfect, how can you survive this imperfect world if you can’t even accept your imperfections?

Imperfections can be body parts or certain habits that make you feel bad. there are habits that we have to get rid of but certain habits stay with us forever.

Love who you are first, then you will survive in this world.

2. Learn

When we are born, we don’t know any skills but we learn. Learning never stops even after your degree, you have to keep learning.

As humans, we need certain skills in order to survive this world, but you have to learn the skills. Sometimes when you have mastered a certain skill, you can sell it through an online course. Learn how to create an online course in anything.

According to research, most successful people have a certain set of skills and they never stop learning, they read books to improve their knowledge and abilities.

You can use Audible to listen to amazing books that will inspire, teach and motivate you.

If you continue learning and never stop learning, you will survive in this world.

3. Don’t be judgmental

We are in the 21st century where everything we see can make us judge almost everyone. But to survive in this world, you need friends and to keep friends, you don’t have to be judgemental all the time.

You have to respect people’s choices in life, these can be religious beliefs, Just because you are Christian, it doesn’t give you a right to judge an atheist.

Just because you are straight, doesn’t give you a right to judge a gay or lesbian person. Everyone’s way to life is theirs to make.

If you don’t approve of someone’s lifestyle, you either walk away, understand them or keep your opinions to yourself.

By being less judgemental, you will be able to survive in this world.

Respect people’s choices, beliefs, and ways of life

4. Make Valuable friendships

Many people come into our lives with a purpose and when things get tough, some of them leave our lives while others stay.

Recently, I have been going through a very hard time in my life, and most of the people I knew left when I needed them the most, I have been left alone, and I have felt alone. And that’s why am telling you, make valuable friendships.

It can be hard to differentiate between true friends and those who only want you for what you have or what you provide to them.

But with time, you will find a difference, remember, you have to learn to be independent too.

In most cases, the friends you make determine your level of success, if all your friends are losers, you might end up like them.

That is why you have to make friends who add value to your life to survive in this world. Learn how to win friends and influence.

5. Live a life of purpose

It can be challenging to find your purpose in this world but there are thousands of books that can help you find your true purpose.

The alchemist is a book that will help you understand the true purpose of your life.

Learn to be kind to everyone, no matter their standards or looks, if you find a homeless beggar, offer her something to eat.

Remember no one wants to be in a desperate situation.

The kindness you bring into the world will always come around. Do amazing things and change the worlds you see fit.

6. Go after your dreams

We all have dreams, and to have a fulfilled life, you have to go after your goals. In most cases, not all dreamers get their goals achieved.

At least fail trying but never fail to try.

To achieve success, you will go through so much pain and hard work but remember, all the efforts you put in will definitely pay off.

7. Avoid and ignore negativity

As a human being, you are going to be criticized by people, these can be your friends, family, or strangers, You just have to accept their criticism and move on.

I was criticized in every way when I had my baby at my parent’s home, Born in Africa, it was called a curse, they made me feel owlful in every way.

I was broken and ripped apart but I kept going, I never allowed criticism to stop me, I moved on with my life and here I am.

The world will criticize every choice you make but you don’t have to allow it to stop you from progressing.

Learn to stay away from toxic people, people that are always negative should be avoided at all costs. Even if it’s family, learn to set boundaries.

8. Understand that life is a journey

When I was young, My mom always told me that no situation is constant and that things can be hard today but easier tomorrow, She always reminded me that no situation is forever.

That in life, you have to stay patient. When we were young, my father made so much money, we didn’t know what suffering felt like, we literally had everything w desired, and mom used to say that even money can disappear and you can go broke someday.

That situation came later in life when my family was living in debt,

So I don’t know what you are going through right now, but I want to tell you that life is a journey, there are lows and highs, and you just have to be patient.it will be okay with time.

Life is like a river, it’s not straight, it meanders around.

9. Always keep Family

There is a saying that blood is thicker than water, try to keep family around, but if you have a toxic family. Then friends can become your family.

Keeping a toxic family close will only drag you down. Keep a few family members who love and care for you.

10. Be patient

Remember things will not go the way you want all the time but you just have to learn to be patient.

patience is needed in friendships, marriages, careers, and health. Sometimes, you just have to sit and wait in order to survive in this world.

As you see, all the successful couples come from somewhere and their partners had to be patient. They also endured a lot.

So be patient.

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In conclusion, Surviving in this world is challenging but you will manage, if your uncles and great grandparents went through this world, You can too. You will manage.

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