24 photos that prove that mugs can look like a vagina

Mugs exist in every household since 80% of Americans love coffee but imagine if you could have a mug that looks like a vagina in your house, would you make coffee every day.

When it comes to art, people create all types of amazing things, below we show you the different mugs created by a different artist and trust me, they are breathtaking.

1. Pink Black butterfly is mine

2. I was created with the best pink honey pot

3. Yellow bean invasion got me going

4. I love seeing both my boobs and vag every time i take coffee

5. The bush around me makes a cup of tea satisfying

6. My labia are bigger than yours in every way

7. Am a coffee prince with a woman heart

8. I was designed to be perfect down there

9. My black Vagina is glittering

10. I never miss a cup of coffee every morning

11. Am a pink tiger down there

12. i created this just for fun

13. My periods come like coffee every mornng

14. My 3D boobs and honey pot are in the same destination

15. Does my vagina smell fishy

16. I guard mine well with swords

17. The protruding mine is best guarded with my chest swords

18. The pink of mine glitters a lot

19.Mine is brief and minimal in every way

20. its a V in shape

21. Mine is decorated with pink, yellow and red

22. This art is far beyond my reasoning

23. Pink and Purple mixed together are the best

24. i will always love my vagina

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