7 Gifts to Give Your Vagina This Holiday Season

The Christmas season is around the corner and everyone is planning to spend time with their loved ones but it’s also a time to pamper yourself too.

We buy so many gifts this season but do not forget your vagina because it needs gifts too. Your vagina is the center of human creation therefore it needs extra attention too.

If you still don’t know what your honeypot needs, below is the list of products to spoil your vagina with.

Gifts to pamper your vagina with

1. Thick menstrual panties

Thick period panties are super absorbent and good to wear during the night. Personally, I use pads during the day but when it comes to the night.

Even though you use menstrual cups or tampons, sometimes, they get exhausting to wear and all you need is to just feel comfortable.

That’s why you need period panties.

I prefer wearing period panties, they are comfortable and gentle around your skin.

I recommend the bambody period panties because they are made from 95% bamboo.

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2. Womanizer pro sensual enhancer

When home relaxing, having sexual fun should be part of the menu. It doesn’t matter if you have a partner or not.

There are items that will make you realize your womanhood. What you need is the womanizer sexual simulator.

This small item is small and can be recharged. It comes with 6 levels of intense vibrations that will make you thank God for creating you.

It is waterproof so you can have sex from anywhere.

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3. New underwear

During this holiday season, its the perfect time to buy yourself some new underwears.

When buying new undies, you need cotton panties because they are breathable.

Check out these cotton panties.

I personally love high waist panties because they are very comfortabel.

4. Panasonic electric shaver

The Panasonic electric shaver is the perfect shaver to keep in your house. It is a 2 in 1 that has both a shaver and a trimmer.

It comes with stainless steel blades that are very sharp to give you a comfortable feeling.

This shaver can be used in both dry and wet environment. All you need is running water to wash it clean.

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5. Kegel Exerciser tracker

Kegels are some vagina exercises that you should do every single day of your life. Kegel exercise help stregthen your pelvic muscles.

It is best to include them on your menu every single day.

Check out these exercises to tighten your vagina like a dick magnet.

You need this kegel exeriser that comes with an APP.

Check it out this Kegel exerciser for more info.

6. Lube Life

Remember this holiday season is the best time for fun, Adding a sex lube will spice up things. This water-based lubricant will make your sex life more sweeter.

It can be used with your sex toys.

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7. Feminine wipes

Every woman needs feminine wipes in her handbag. Always use your feminine wipes to clean your vagina.

I recommend summers eve feminine wipes.

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