7 ways to tell someone they are worth more than they think

Do you know someone you want to tell that, they are worth more than they think, this person might be feeling down in life, wanting to get a new job or just okay with everything people give her. Reminding them that they deserve better might be hard for you to figure out.

But don’t worry, because talking honestly to them, traveling with them, introducing them to people who have gone through similar situations, and getting them an inspirational book will remind them that they are worth more than they think.

How to tell someone they are worth more than they think

Reminding someone that they are more than they think can be a hard task, But below are the tips to help that someone.

1 . Have a talk with them

Being honest to someone’s face is the number one thing you should do, talk to her and let her know that whatever choice she is choosing in her life is not right.

Remind them, that they deserve way better, and that getting the best is their call to make.

If they are choosing a terrible boyfriend, friend or career, remind them that they deserve better.

If the feeling of worthless is making them stay in that terrible marriage, let them know that the universe needs them to stand up right now.

Being honest with your friend is the best way to remind them of their worth.

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2. Travel with them

Being in one place all the time can lock someone’s mind to negativity and sadness, sometimes, going to different places, seeing different views, and meeting different people can remind someone of the value of their life.

Travel can awaken the hidden bravery or ambitions.

So, take your loved one on a trip that will awaken their inner soul and redirect them to the best in their life.

3. Introducing to them people who have been in similar situations

Let us use an example of someone going through a bad marriage, but they are scared to leave and start a life for themselves.

Introducing them to single parents or anyone who has been in such a situation will boost their courage to step up for themselves.

Seeing those people who were in some situations thriving will boost their confidence to start a new life of their own.

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4. Ask them to get therapy

In some cases, Therapy is the only way that reminds those we love that they deserve way better and that they have the ability within them to get the best.

You can get therapy anywhere right now online.

5. Ask them to list motivational speeches

The power of a motivational speech can change your life right now, listening to another person remind you of your purpose can awaken you to look for the best.

Most successful people say, that listening to inspirational speeches helps them achieve what they have.

Imagine listening to a motivational speaker and leaving your job to start a new business that makes billions.

Motivational speeches are powerful. Just send links to your friend.

6. Buy them a book about self-worth

Reading or listening to books can help improve how you think about yourself, I have been listening to books for a long time now but every book I finish adds value to my life.

Buying your friend a book to boost their confidence and self-worth can help remind them that they deserve way more than they think.

You can actually buy them a subscription on Audible so that they listen to books while walking or taking a bus.

In long run, their lives will change for the better.

7. Buy them a poster of strength

Imagine you woke every day in your life, and there’s a poster in your house that says. Today is your day to shine, You are way better than you think.

Such few simple words can make their morning every single day they woke up.

Motivational posters on your own can boost your confidence every day in your life.

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