Amy Schumer’s sister in law made her a cake of a vagina giving birth

Open your eyes people of the internet because this will be the most unexpected thing you will see all day. Amy Schumer’s sister in law gifted her a vagina mid-birth cake.

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Amy wasn’t afraid to share

“My sister in law. And I can’t stress that enough IN LAW. surprised me with a horrifying cake and i can’t thank her enough. So I won’t thank her at all. @mofischhh something is truly wrong with you and i love you. #haunting #butthole,”.

Schumer who announced in October that they are expecting a baby has been honest and open about her difficult pregnancy. 

The comedian is struggling with hyperemesis gravidarun, a pregnancy condition that causes severe vomiting, weight loss, dehydration and nausea. Less severe conditions can be treated with antacids and rest. 

Severe conditions require hospitalization, on 30/12/2018, Amy posted a message on Instagram that she felt like she was food poisoned for 5 months. 

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Amy is expecting a baby and that is good news, To those who are having problems with infertility or are still failing to ,Here is how to fight infertility today.