She was born without a womb or vagina but all that doesn’t define her as awoman.

Andreia Trigo is a happy 35-year-old woman born with MRKH syndrome but she has made peace with not having children.

Andreia Trigo never knew that she was born different until she was 17 years of age, after not having started her menstrual periods by 17 years, She decided to go meet the doctor where she discovered that she had MRKH(Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser) a condition that affects 1 in 5000 women .she was born without a cervix ,vagina and the uterus

Women having that condition have normal ovaries but are not able to carry a pregnancy.

Andreia talked to Claudia tanner about how she decided to avoid the pressure of becoming a mother or using surrogacy.

She thought her periods would start in her early teens like rest of teens but that never happened forcing her for a laparoscopy where she discovered the horrible news of not having a womb or vagina.

People ask why her parents never noticed but that was because she had a normal labia and vulva making her look normal from the outside.

After analyzing the whole situation, she decided to have a vaginal reconstruction which took muscles and skin from her bowel. The recovery was painful and she had to use a dilator for the following year in order to stretch and expand her vagina even thou it didn’t arrive in time from Germany forcing her to use a dildo which she wore 24 hours a day.

“I wasn’t thinking about settling down and having children, but I come from a large family and I knew it was expected that I would have them one day. It was a very difficult time for me. ”

Does she have a normal sex life

She has a normal sexual life and she has been advised by the doctor to have sex at least 4 times a week to keep her vagina open.

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