is it a good idea to buy a sex toy as a gift for your wife?

Wondering if it is a good idea to buy a sex toy as a gift for your wife? the fact that you are thinking about pleasing your wife sexually is the number one trait of a good husband.

Buying a sex toy like a vibrator for your wife will improve your sexual relationship. It is a brilliant magical idea to get your wife a sex toy that will help her, have an amazing climax.

If you have good intimacy with your wife, adding adult toys will spice things up. You can also check out the 15 ways to spice up your marital sex life.

3 Reasons why it is a good idea to buy a sex toy as a gift for your wife

Before you buy a sex toy. it is better to understand your wife’s feelings about sex toys. Try to find out if she is interested in sex toys, joke with her about sex toys, and hear what she has to say. Because some women take it negatively.

1 . It improves your intimacy with your wife

Let’s all agree that sex with the same partner can become boring unless you spice things up. Sex toys will help spice things up in the bedroom. First, Your wife will appreciate the fact that you think about her satisfaction which will improve your relationship.

Couples who use sex toys tend to be honest about their sexual desires and fantasies. So buying her a sex toy as a gift will open up a door for more openness in your relationship.

Besides, every person has a sexual fantasy and sex toys can help fulfill some sex fantasies without causing problems in your marriage.

2. She will have a thrilling Climax

Sex toys are made with the goal of giving the user a great climax, they go through a lot of research with the goal of making sure you have a thrilling orgasm.

The Vagina has a lot of nerve endings around the clitoris, Penetration alone is not enough for most women. But Vibrators increase the excitement which eventually leads to an orgasm.

If your wife rarely has a great orgasm, Try buying sex toys for her.

3. Improves overall health

According to the study carried out by New Orleans, It was concluded that Sex toys like vibrators decreased pain and increased sexual enjoyment in women who experienced discomfort during sex. Sex toys also helped with urinary system problems by improving pelvic floor strength. They also improved both vulvar and sexual health.

Using a Vibrator will also provide her with a quick climax which will enable her to sleep better.

5 Top selling vibrators to give your wife as a gift

When choosing a good vibrator for her. Remember, there are millions of stores out there, But these vibratos will make her scream like a hungry tiger.

1 . Womanizer X Lovehoney Pro40 Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

Review: “First-time user and omg, can’t thank my bf enough for introducing me to it”

2. Lovehoney Classic Extra Powerful Massage Wand Vibrator

Review: “Excellent toy extremely powerful just hope it doesn’t bring the national grid down and plunge us into the darkness with all that power brilliant”

3. Lovehoney X ROMP Switch Clitoral Suction Stimulator

Review: “Me and my girlfriend tried this toy last night and I have no words, I orgasmed 3 times in no more than 5 minutes. The orgasms were intense and powerful. It’s easy to use and feels so amazing. The best toy I have ever used in my life. If you’re thinking about buying one, I would 100% Recommend

4. Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

Review: “This is a good product but not as flexible as some of the other items on sale with Love Honey. Probably more practice is needed to get the full experience of this product as the reviews were so good.”

5. Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 10 Function Rabbit Vibrator

Review: “This was my first ever experience with a toy, so I was shocked to learn how powerful it is! It is curved and fits just right, excellent for simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation. Great to use alone or with a partner! The charge lasts quite a long time before losing power and it’s got a little humm buzz noise but very discreet and not super”

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