7 Things to buy for your vagina right now

Hey, DO you have a Vagina? It is time to invest in it, the time is now to buy something for your vagina. You see, Most people think that vulvas don’t require anything. But, What they forget is, a vagina needs so much attention just like your face or body shape. It needs to be improved, it needs to become stronger, and above all. It needs to be given a treat. The treat am talking about isn’t sex. But, a way of pampering your vagina

Below are the 10 things to buy for your vagina right now.

1 . Moisturizer

Most women suffer from vaginal dryness and that impacts them a lot, Using vaginal moisturizer will help rejuvenate the old tissue. Moisturizers work to eliminate dry tissue. It is something anyone with a vagina should have.

For someone who has no money, You can use coconut oil as a vaginal Moisturizer. Click to read about using Coconut oil as a vaginal Moisturizer.

2. Breathable Underwear

A vagina holder never forgets the underwear she wears, Cotton underwear is the best because they allow air to go in and out. Get yourself some new underwear now.

3. ProBody Pilates Mini Exercise Ball 

You have to exercise to have a stronger pelvic floor, You know, As we age, Your pelvic muscles tend to weaken. But with the right exercises, You will be able to strengthen your pelvic floor.

Exercising with this mini ball Will help you directly target your pelvic floor.

Click to check out the 5 exercises to make your vagina tight like a dick holder

4. Probiotics

The vagina needs bacteria to smell, taste, and be healthy. But we can’t get all those bacteria from our foods. That is why you need probiotics to maintain a healthy bacterial balance in your digestive system. Probiotics help with improving urinary tract and vaginal health.

Click to check out the best probiotic for your vagina

5. A shaver

We all need the shaver to clean that bush. If you like it busy, Then that’s alright. Just make sure you clean it really well.

6. Vibrator

Your vagina needs a vibrator, a vibrator will help you have a thrilling orgasm. You need this even if, you have a great partner. If you have never tried it, Check it out.

7. A dildo

Have you ever tried using a dildo, How did you feel? . If you haven’t purchased a dildo. Check out this best-selling dildo on LoveHoney.

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