Can we please stop saying childbirth doesn’t change vaginas?

Have you ever had a saying that your vagina will go back to the way it was after childbirth, Maybe you stayed the same but to some women like me, Our vaginas totally changed for good?

I know of some women who had a vaginal birth but stayed the same after childbirth like everything stayed the same for them but personally and many other women, we have had a number of issues with our vaginas after childbirth.

Mothers who got tears, they remain with scars down there forever, am not saying it’s terrible but yeah, it happens to many women.

To some women, their shapes never stay the same, their vaginas become loose to an extent they have to go for surgery. But before you think about surgery, I highly recommend you check out these vaginal tightening exercises.

Doctors say it’s totally normal for the vagina to change after childbirth, but am talking about this because when some women say it always goes back to the way it was, that’s totally not true because it does change.

This is to encourage women out there that it’s okay if your vagina changed and that’s normal.

How your vagina can change after childbirth

Your vagina can change in the various way.

1. Stretching

Your vagina stretches during childbirth, your vagina muscles become weaker making your vagina loose. One study found that during childbirth, your pelvic muscles can stretch 3 times more.

However, there are a number of exercises to help you tighten your vagina. These exercises help strengthen your pelvic muscles.

Some women have combined exercises with some tightening gel for faster results.

2. Change in Appearance

When we give birth, our vaginas can change in the way they looked. that tender nice beautiful looking vagina can change the appearance.

You might have swelling or discoloration, it doesn’t matter if you have a c-section or vaginal birth. The appearance of your vagina can change.

3. Tears or Episiotomy scars

If you had a tear and episiotomy during childbirth, you know what am talking about. Your vagina probably changed and it will never be the same.

You have got scars down there and that every time you feel that scar, it’s a reminder that your vagina brought a human being into this world.

some mothers get depressed after realizing that their vagina changed forever.

One thing to note is, having a scar will not change the way your vagina functions.

4. Urinary Incontinence

One of the most common problems women experience after childbirth is urinary incontinence. you lose control of your urine for example it can leak while laughing, sneezing, or doing any other activity.

That happens because your pelvic muscles have weakened. Try adding some pelvic floor exercises to strengthen those muscles.

5. Vaginal Dryness

If you are one of those women that have got a dry vagina after delivery, do not over-stress because it happens a lot to new mothers. check out these lubes to see what fits you.

You can also use a moisturizer to keep your honeypot in a good shape.

What other women are saying about their vaginas after child birth.

Encouranging other women

“I’ve had 2 children and it changed my vagina permanently. From looking at some official health websites this seems fairly common and normal. Of course, some women go back to how they were before. But not everyone does. But that’s OK! The changes in my body haven’t affected my sex life and my husband still acts the same towards me and says it doesn’t matter.”

“I just think we should acknowledge this and not pretend that women’s bodies aren’t sometimes changed by childbirth. Every time I read a post or comment on here saying women go back to the same as before it makes me feel a bit sad and ashamed that mine hasn’t and that doesn’t seem right. I pushed 2 babies out of my vagina and I’m very proud of that. Childbirth of any kind Including cesarean is hard and I think all women should feel proud of this achievement. It’s ok if our vaginas don’t go back to normal because we made a new person in the world and that’s fucking amazing! Who cares if our vaginas change. It was worth it.” From RealBluebanoba

Suffered Prolapse

“I’m really glad someone said this because I once got downvoted to hell for saying my prolapse from childbirth sometimes made me feel like my insides were falling out. Like that couldn’t possibly happen because everything goes back to normal after childbirth! Made me feel invalidated” From Adequatemam

The weird feeling

“I feel like that whole area around the clit has like recessed or something since having my first. It’s weird and I’m not even sure how to explain it properly. I don’t know if it’s the weight change and maybe there’s more fat padding around the vulva so it seems farther back, or maybe some sort of muscle tissue underneath, or just from everything being so stretched out from a baby head coming out of there. Lol, It’s just so weird feeling.”

Love your Vagina the way it is.

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