Can yoga improve your pelvic floor-give you a 16-year-old vagina

When we talk about the pelvic floor, we mean the pelvic muscles of your vagina.

The strength of your pelvic muscles matters so much if you want to have a strong vagina that we call a dick magnet.

Most women are not sure of what exercises are good for strengthening their pelvic floor, it’s time to talk about the major 4 exercises to help you get the vagina you had at 16 years old.

Yes, I said at 16. Now first take a moment and remind your self how your vagina was at 16 years old, how strong it was and how tight it was. Click to tweet

So do you want to get your vagina back or not?

If you still here, it means you want your honey pot to be as strong as a magnet but you haven’t figured out how?

I will take this moment to explain to you the major reasons why our vaginas weaken.

1. Child Birth

If you have given birth, you definetly know what am talking out because having a baby leaves our vaginas messed up.

Yes, let’s agree that having a child come out of your lady parts won’t leave it fresh like it used to be.

After birth, your vagina becomes loose because the pelvic muscles weaken.

But don’t worry because that’s why we are here to help you make it strong.

2. Age

Every year on my birthday, i feel sad because i realize am growing old, I really don’t want to grow old for many reasons.

Can you imagine that as you grow old, your vagina grows old too? Yes, at that moment in your life, you will need to supply your body with estrogen  to enjoy the fruit of eden.

The thing is, sometimes, we are strangers in our own bodies especially when things become so hard in life, for example, your struggling with weight, a loose vagina, a sad life, raising kids and making money.

All that is on you.

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From today onwards, you not going to struggle with a loose vagina anymore because we have got you. click to tweet

And here comes the question: Can Yoga improve your pelvic floor?

The answer is YES, Yoga has been proven effective to stregthening the pelvic floor but it involves certain poses.

It is also good for women with urine inconsitence, it time to stop that leak today.

Yoga is a wide exercise but there are specific poses tailored for strengthening the pelvic floor among women.

If you have never done yoga, you’re now starting to ask your self where to start from, it’s okay because we have everything for you to start with.

And to those who have some experience with yoga but still don’t know what specific poses are good for them, we have got you covered too.

First, you have to get a yoga mat –Here is the best mat on amazon.

So let’s be honest, there are various ways on how you can do yoga but we are showing you the cheapest option here.

Do you want to pay a yoga instructor thousands of dollars who will dictate time or you can get all the pelvic floor poses for a few bucks and decide what time is appropriate for you? Click to tweet

We bring you Pelvic Yoga with Kimberlee Bethany Bonura.

This is a full DVD with all the yoga poses that will help strengthen your pelvic floor, You will be having an instructor to guide you in every position. Isn’t this fun?, you will be doing yoga at home in your comfortable place without paying thousands of dollars to get your tight and strong vagina back. Let me remind you something, A tight and strong vagina is like magic.


What people are saying

I really enjoyed this DVD as both a yoga practitioner and also a RYT (registered yoga teacher/PT. Yes, it is a more basic practice that does layer yoga poses with pelvic floor exercises (kegels, quick flicks, holds, elevator, and other exercises you would get from a prenatal class or dr) —yet as a busy person I don’t always have the luxury to do an hour of yoga and my pelvic floor exercises each day. This is a great way to get both in. The teacher/instructor is straightforward, holds multiple certifications and has a PhD in kinesiology or exercise physiology. If you are pregnant, this DVD is appropriate for all trimesters and also wonderful for both the advanced or novice practitioner. If you are looking for a more advanced prenatal vinyasa flow DVD to compliment this I recommend Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga by Jennifer More. If you are looking for a complimentary pelvic floor routine for anyone (non yoga), check out hab it pelvic floor DVD. I would definitely recommended this as an additional yoga/pelvic practice for your library. Even as power vinyasa flow being my preferential style, I appreciate the change in my routine and an option for the days I want a more basic practice geared towards pelvic health”.

Start today and turn your vagina into a dick magnet.

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