Can you remove pubic hair permanently?

The vagina is one of the most sensitive and beautiful organs that we need to protect and keep safe in order to have maximum pleasure. If you don’t enjoy having a vagina, I am truly sorry, Since it is one of the sweetest and most amazing organs to keep fresh and exciting, my fierce has suggested for me to have a vaginal laser hair removal.

Brazilian laser hair removal is the only way to permanently remove your pubic hair and forget all about the pain involved with shaving and waxing for a long time. The laser targets the hair follicle, emits light and stops the growth of hair, it can actually be done in less than 2 hours.

Most of us enjoy the feeling of walking out of the bathroom when our pubic area is soft just like a baby’s face, we actually enjoy having sex when all the region is soft and exciting to touch.

Note, Brazilian laser hair removal doesn’t guarantee 100% hair removal, you will still have little hairs growing down there, to some people, the procedure will be done 2 to 3 times to get what they need.

Is it worth removing your vaginal hair permanently?

My Husband suggests I should do a laser hair removal because he doesn’t like the hair and I hate having it too, am really tired of using shavers because, in just 2 weeks, it would be back. I am also scared of waxing because it comes with pain since the hair is pulled out from its roots.

But laser hair removal also means, I will never have any pubic hair, I feel like I will be losing part of me forever and ever. The fact is, I hate it but I don’t want to imagine never having pubic hair ever again.

My husband insists that lasering my hair will not cost me any personality issues but just relieve me from ever worrying about shaving ever again.

When it comes to removing your hair permanently, the answer comes back to you, Having hair is not a crime nor removing it a crime despite some cultural tales for example in Uganda, a woman who never grows pubic hair down there is considered a cursed one.

Nothing should scare you from having what your heart desires or what is convenient for you but doing a laser treatment will spare you the trouble of ever worrying about shaving or waxing.

How much is a full Brazilian laser hair removal?

The average cost of a Brazilian laser hair removal ranges from 150$ to 400$ on a regular bikini and 250 to 500$ on Brazilian bikini.

It usually depends on the amount of hair you have there when you feel ready to go have a laser treatment, make an appointment, they will take a look at your hair and the amount of money needed will be decided.

There is also a difference between black skin and white skin, some clinics will charge you more according to your skin.

The best candidates are those with dark hair and fair skin and they get better results since the laser doesn’t work on those who have grey, blonde, red and white hair.

The thicker and the darker the hair, the better the results. Those with fine hair may also not get the best results.

Is Brazilian laser hair removal painful?

You are expected to feel some pain and discomfort ness during the process but people with dark skin and dark hair will experience more pain than others because they will need more light.

If you have sensitive skin, ask for anesthetic cream to help with the pain and numbness.

How do I prepare for Brazilian laser hair removal?

Shave 12 hours before the appointment

To get the best results, the roots of the hair have to be seen and that means, there shouldn’t be any hair on the skin. This is why you need to shave to avoid waxing or us of creams by the professional.

Have a shower before the treatment

Hygiene is necessary for all of us and having a morning shower will make you feel ready for the laser treatment, there are always wet wipes around to freshen and I guess you not the type of person who would like to make the doctor uncomfortable with a bad smell.

Wear comfortable clothes

Don’t be tempted to wear jeans because they will irritate the pubic region after the laser treatment, wear a skirt or loose panties to feel comfortable.

Ask Questions

It’s okay to ask questions during or before the procedure, feel comfortable to talk to the person working on you and if you having some questions, it’s never wrong to seek answers.

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