25 tips for maintaining a clean and healthy vagina.

A vagina is a self-cleaning machine and it doesn’t need you to use chemicals or soaps to make it cleaner, You should be mindful of your everyday health because it also includes the health of your vagina. Doing out regular exercises and having a healthy diet are some of the things that help you to maintain a clean and healthy vagina.

Below are the 20 tips that should be done if you want a normal and healthy vagina. CLICK TO TWEET

1.Use condoms with new partners

This is very common, For example, where you go for an outing or a date and you end up having sex with the partner. It’s best you use a condom because they are effective at preventing sexually transmitted diseases.

One more thing you don’t know is that condoms help at maintaining your Vagina PH since there is no mixture of fluids between partners and preventing yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and UTI infections.

2. Wear cotton pants.

We all know that cotton pants provide better aeration and moisture to your fuck hole.

They are also comfortable compared to other materials.

If you just hanging around home, you can go commando to allow more fresh air.

You will have a clean and healthy vagina when it has access to more fresh air.

3. Go visit your gynecologist.

According to the guidelines, you only supposed to go for a pap test only after three years.

But it isn’t bad for you to go a genealogist every time you feel like you not feeling well with your lady parts.

If you uncomfortable due to itching, abnormal discharge, and many other complications. Go visit your gynecologist.

You can also go there to talk about STI checks, birth control, and fertility.

4.Wipe front to back

We all go to the toilet to drop there our body wastes, But when done with  easing your self

It is best you wipe from front to back to prevent the spread of bacteria from the rectum area to your vagina.

It should be noted that the bacteria near the rectum is only good if it stays there without going to your vagina area because it can lead to irritations and infections.

5. Use lube when your vajayjay is dry.

Here you go to the sheets to fill full the wish of your cave of wonders and what you find there is that there is no honey to it.

And this happens because of vaginal dryness which is caused by a number of conditions like birth control pills, menopause etc

Your only option for maintaining a clean and healthy vagina is using some lube to lubricate it and enjoy sex without injuring your cave.

One other thing is you make communication important when you having sex with your partner.

6. Do not use scented products.

Never apply perfumed products like perfumes, colognes, soaps and many other products you use in other parts of your body at your vagina.

Many women go ahead to use scented tampons and sanitary pads which cause irritation of the skin around the vagina and the vagina itself.

Some of you also go on and use certain products to make your vagina smell good, that is all bullshit because your vagina won’t smell like honey or roses, it has it own natural smell that shouldn’t be altered.

Keep a clean and healthy vagina by not using perfumed products.

7. Get out of sweaty or wet clothes

If you go to the gym or after some exercises, Remove all those sweaty and wet clothes.

In most cases, some of you are tempted to stay with those clothes on for the rest of the day. One thing you should know is, wet clothes create a comfortable environment for the cloth of bacteria which can cause infections.

It’s good for you to shower and change clothes after exercises to maintain a clean and healthy vagina.

8.Pee after sex

It is highly recommended for you to pee after sex. CLICK TO TWEET

Imagine you have had sex with someone with an infection, that bacterial infection can be passed to you through fluids exchange and the best way to lessen the spread is peeing after sex.

You will be able to also control the spread of UTI infections if you pee after sex.

9. Do not use antibiotics all the time.

Using antibiotics all time decreases your vaginal health because they kill both the bad and good bacteria in your vagina yet good is supposed to stay.

When all the good bacteria are killed, you can easily get a yeast infection.

If you have to take some antibiotics, do not exceed the prescription because it isn’t good.

10. Choose your lube and condoms wisely

11. Be more careful during cycling classes.

What you didn’t know is that a cycling studio puts your vaginal health at a risk, this is because if you ride regularly, you more likely to experience genital pain, tingling, and numbness during cycling.

Actually, a study carried out on female cyclists showed that majority of the cyclist experienced the symptoms.

One recommended advice is you use padded shorts to prevent your vagina from feeling pain.

12. Do your Kegel exercises.

Kegel exercises are good at strengthening your pelvic muscles hence reducing strains on your pelvic organs.

It improves the bowel and bladder function

You can do three sets of Kegels every day lasting for 5-10 minutes and the results will be amazing

Kegels will also tighten your vagina if its loose since the pelvic muscles will be strengthening.

13. Your vulva should be cleaned like any other part of the body.

Your vulva is just like any other part of your body hence, it should be cleaned the same way you clean other parts of the body.

Just be a bit more careful because the skin is delicate, do not scrub too hard because the skin can be irritated.

14. Your vagina is a self-cleaning machine.

Yes, isn’t that amazing? the vagina has a naturally lower Ph and hence it discourages the growth of organisms from outside.

This is why you do not have to use soaps or other irritants to clean your vagina.

15. Clean your sex toys.

If you use sex toys to pleasure your self, remember to clean them after use.

The same way you clean your underwear is the same way you should clean your sex toys.

Never reuse a sex toy without washing it

One thing to note is never use scented products /soaps to clean your sex toys.

16. Do not use anything from your butt in your Vagina.

We have talked about this, it goes to the wipe from front to back point. The bacteria in your rectum area should stay there.

If you use a condom, fingers, toys and a penis in your rectum, First wash it to prevent the spread of bad bacteria to your vagina.

This all helps at maintaining a clean and healthy vagina.

17. Have a healthy diet.

The type of food you eat contributes to the maintenance of a clean and healthy vagina.

It is best you become curious about what you drop in your stomach all the time because sugary foods create a moist environment that favors the growth of yeast infections.

Eat foods like apples, cranberries, pineapples (read more) that will help you fight infection by fighting bacteria growth.

Eating such foods will also improve on the way your vagina smells.click to tweet

18. Wear loose clothes/under wares.

Some women tend to wear tight underwear and jeans. Tight clothes are not good for your vaginal health because they increase the temperature in your vaginal area.

When your skin rubs against the tight fabric, it causes friction which traps heat under your underwear.

This isn’t good for vaginal health because the vagina needs to have moisture.

19. Embrace the natural smell of your vagina.

Vaginal odor varies among women and this depends on the menstrual cycle and diet.

It is very normal for your vagina to smell the way it is.

You don’t have to work so hard by making it smell like roses but instead just leave it

Most women use perfumed products in their vagina which can cause irritation, itching and many more.

20. Do Yoga

Doing regular yoga helps at strengthening your pelvic muscles by also increasing the blood flow to your vaginal area.

Yoga involves breathing in and breathing out which also provides contraction of the pelvic muscles.

The time is now for you to get a yoga instructor.

21. Shave your pubic hair.

Letting your pubic hair stay for a long time makes your vaginal health at risk. This is because it keeps a lot of sweat.

One thing to remember is that moist environments attract the growth of bacteria and besides that, Even the hair traps bacteria against your skin.

When the bad bacteria exceed the good one, you will have a yeast infection.

One thing to also note is that when the sweat, oils, and bacteria mix, you can get a bad vaginal smell.

22. Eat probiotics.

Probiotics have excellent importance when it comes to vaginal health.

The vagina has a bacteria known as lactobacillus and it has great importance ranging from lubrication to fighting infections but women usually have low lactobacillus bacterias compared to what is needed.

This is why we recommend probiotics because they have the same bacteria in them.

Eating more probiotic foods like yogurt and other fermented foods like kimchi, miso, and sauerkraut, you will have a clean and healthy vagina.

23.keep a good Menstrual Hygiene

When you are in your periods, Do not forget to change your pads/tampons 3 to4 times a day to prevent the growth of bacteria, discomfort, and rashes.

And do not use perfumed /scented menstrual products.

24. Don’t overuse panty liners.

In most cases, women use panty liners in case they have nothing to change too or if their underwear is wet but they are not good because they make you over sweat.

This is because most panty liners are not breathable, it’s best if you use 100% cotton panty liners because they will give your vagina more moisture.

25. Practice comfortable sex.

You should have comfortable sex and if sex is painful, try to use a lube or switch positions and if the pain insists, then its best you see the doctor.

Some partners want rough sex but if you are not comfortable with it, it’s best you talk to your partner about it all.

Do not do something you don’t want if it makes you uncomfortable. Always do communication with your partner.


Your vagina is a self-cleaning organ that doesn’t require you to use soaps, perfumes and many other products.

Above are the different tips that will help you to keep a clean and healthy vagina.

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