9 ways to stay close to your crazy Friend

We have so many people in our lives and among them are our crazy friends, those friends that spend an entire day with and they drive you mad for a brief moment but at the same time, you like them for who they are because they are good at heart. Well today, I will discuss how to stay close with crazy friends you can stand for 5 hours.

As a person that has meant so many people in life, I have come to the conclusion that sometimes, the people that are called crazy might be the only true friends you have.

When you through a situation and all your supposed friends disappear, You will realize that the people who will stay close to you no matter what are the crazy friends that you can’t stand for a day.

Below are the tips to stay amazingly happy and close to your crazy friends even when it’s hard

How to stay close with your crazy friends

1 . Listen

Learning to listen to your crazy friends is the most important trick to keeping your friendship intact. In most cases, they will talk a lot, trying to explain to you a lot of stuff of which some you will understand and some you won’t understand.

Listening will give them a good feeling because they will feel loved and wanted, If they are sad, remind them that its okay to be sad, when they are happy, be happy with them, and when they are depressed, help in any way you can.

By listening to them, you will also avoid going into bad arguments with them.

2. Be Patient

One thing having a crazy friend can teach you is to be patient. At first, I hated them so much because I lucked patience for annoying people but with time, you get to understand them and love them

It might take time but practice being patient with them and it will help. There are going to be days when the situation will worsen, this happens a lot if they use drugs or they are feeling anxious.

Sometimes, they will stand screaming at people on streets, in buses, or even tell people not to look at them.

That is when you have to be really patient with them, if they don’t calm down right there, they will calm down later.

3. Don’t try to Advise a lot

Now, if you are this person that advises a lot about life, things will be okay sometimes when you give life help tips but also things might turn side down at any time

Always choose the right time to advise your crazy friends, however, there are those friends who will feel like every piece of advice you give is not okay.

Sometimes, we just accept the people we have in our lives for who they are.

4. Understand they are special in their way

Even though I have used the word crazy, it’s just not right to say because those people are special in their own ways. they look at the world in a very different way and that makes them special.

They also have many traits that make them special in their own right. By understanding them, you will also realize they have some strengths.

My friends are crazy with so many good traits that I love even when sometimes, I can’t stand them for even 1 hour.

5. Help when you can

So your friend is going to come to you for help and in most cases, situations will determine if you can help or can’t help.

For example, if they come and ask for food money, you will feel obliged to help but sometimes, they will ask for things that are irresponsible. for example, I have this one friend who asks for money for weed when he is broke.

I don’t offer, even though, he says, the weed helps her carb her anxiety, there is no way in the universe, I am gonna give him my money to buy weed.

Don’t allow yourself to be used by your friends.

6. Avoid Disagreeing a lot and create boundaries

Going into an argument with your crazy friend is the worst thing that can happen to you, I once disagreed with my friend who hates gays and old people and he went down the apartment block screaming at me and insulting me in all types of ways.

My husband always tells me to avoid talking about important topics a lot with someone with a mental disability. Because they have their own way of understanding the world and if you try to talk to them about your views.

Make some boundaries, and let them know about your limits. Wants and dislikes.

You will look like an enemy to them.

7. Give Excuses

If you not feeling good, please don’t meet them, it’s okay to give an excuse even if you lie, the last thing you need is to meet them when you not feeling good.

It doesn’t matter what they want from you unless its a matter of life, you can always give an excuse if you are not mentally prepared for them. it takes a lot mentally to keep a friend with a mental disability.

You will take it out on them and that might end in disaster.

8. Allow yourself to be insulted at times

There are going to be moments where things are going to go out of control and you will end up insulted by your friend.

Sometimes, it will be beyond your limits but at that moment, you have to be patient and calm down. Take leave if it’s too much.

Talk to them by letting them know you are not happy and you feel insulted. Stand firm and tell them to never insult you like that again.

9. Remember the good outweighs the bad

The good always outweighs the bad, they have a mental disability but they are good at heart, they are loving and caring.

I have learned the hard way, it is good to keep a friend who loves you at heart than someone who only wants to use you.

just show your support when you can

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