Do guys actually care about what a girl’s vagina looks like? What Men Say

As a woman, I understand the several insecurities you are going through, with the world where we look at perfect and imperfect, it makes us wonder if guys actually care about what a girl’s vagina looks like.

It actually depends on the type of a man you have in your life because some do care but most don’t actually care about the look of your vagina. If someone loves you enough, the way your vagina was created shouldn’t be an issue.

But relax, this is my own perspective but well, there are many others from men that will help you find comfort in how your vagina looks like.

This Reddit user posted this

“I (17f) have always been self-conscious about the way my vagina looks. When I look at myself in the mirror, I can see my inner labia kind’ve poking out a little bit. Like if I’m standing straight up they are visible a little bit. I will sometimes try and tuck them in but they come back out. Is this going to be a turn-off for guys? I hear guys laughing about beef curtains, and it makes me a little nervous.”

As always, many users were good enough to give genuine answers if they care about how the girl’s vagina looked like.

1. I’ve never met a vagina I didn’t like

That was an honest answer from a true man, why should a mature human being go on judging how vaginas look like, their differences make them special. Every vagina is special in its own way.

2. The one who makes fun of your vagina doesn’t love you

“I don’t speak for every guy, but in general, NOPE. Frankly, if he’s seeing your vagina and makes fun of it, he doesn’t deserve to see it EVER again”

3. Some men just don’t care

“Can confirm. I’ve never once given a single f**k about labia. My dude friends have never made fun of “beef curtains.” OP, that’s some childish shit. Don’t worry about it.”

4. Even idiots don’t say nonsese

“Yeah, it’s weird. And, don’t get me wrong, some of my guy friends are absolute idiots. But they’d never say some dumb shit like this.”

5. Some men just appreciate a naked woman

“Younger guys (probably around your age) are more likely to be judgmental just because it’s funny to make those jokes are being picky about superficial junk. I’m not saying everyone is, but I think as you get older, a man will just appreciate the chance to see someone naked. I think for me, the look doesn’t matter so much as general hygiene and/or cleanup”

6. Some will go ahead to boost your confidence

“This. I personally don’t care, I’ve seen a few, and they were all wonderfully different. If anyone is ever mean to you, they don’t deserve to see it anymore. I dated a girl for a long time who was self-conscious about her ‘flower petals’, I didn’t understand what the big deal was and tried to explain to her that her vagina was perfectly fine and she was overthinking it. Don’t be like that girl. Lol”

7. Some only care about it just looking like a vagina

“I personally care enough that it should look like a vagina, but I don’t care enough about what shape it is. I’ve never met one I didn’t like. They’re all unique and varied and I love that. What a boring world would it be if humans were homogeneous. I won’t lie, some guys are going to fetishize your labia. It’s completely up to you if you’re cool with that or not. There will also be guys who are turned off by your labia. The crazy thing is, they’ll be chasing what is almost an impossible dream. Porn had them thinking vaginas look like “A” and really there’s the whole damn alphabet. I hope they get used to their hands because the real world doesn’t work that way.”

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