Do guys care if you’re fat

When we fall in love, it’s like magic running through our veins but as women, our outer appearance matters so much that sometimes we lose confidence. As a woman who has been fat my entire life, it is normal to ask yourself if guys care if you’re fat.

Men are different, some will care that you are fat while others won’t care. it depends on what someone prefers. Different men prefer different qualities in women. Some won’t date a fat woman while others love fat women.

As a plus-size woman, you shouldn’t be worrying about what a girl thinks. What matters is how you feel in your own skin. People’s opinions shouldn’t make you lose confidence in yourself.

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What to do if you are a fat woman.

1 . Be confident

As an overweight woman, you will find people who will try to make you feel bad about yourself. Wake up in the morning, do your makeup, look good and dress well.

Walk, talk and look with confidence. Being overweight doesn’t make you less of a human being.

You are pretty and beautiful.

When someone tries to insult you, stand up for yourself. I have had so many scenarios where someone would comment about my size in a Taxi. I would stand up for myself and let them know that I don’t care about their opinions and that they should shut up.

2. Lose weight

As a woman who has been fat all my life, I know how being overweight can affect your daily life. From dealing with issues like high cholesterol to finding it hard to do your daily chores because you are tired all the time.

One thing I hated was going to stores and having sellers say, they don’t have my size. That word always broke me all the time and inspired me to lose weight.

To lose weight, you have to have a ready mindset. It’s okay if you are not ready yet but when the time comes. You will be shed it off.

Start by having simple walks by making about 2000 steps a day, then you will be motivated to walk more every day. You can use a Fitbit Bracelet to measure how many steps you take per day.

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3. Ask him how he feels about your body

Sometimes, the things that make us so insecure are the things that our partners love most about us. Ask what he thinks about you being fat.

Talk about the things he loves about you and what he thinks about your body. When you talk, you will realize that the parts of us insecure are that our partners love most about us.

4. Dress for comfort

As a plus-size woman, you are dealing with excess fat in most parts of your body, you must be careful about what you dress up.

Dress in clothes that make you comfortable.

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