Do men prefer a hairless vagina? 7 men give you answers.


As women, we have learnt to love ourselves every day, whether it’s bald, busy, long, curly, straight or short, it belongs to us and we love it just the way it is. But have you ever wondered if you love it hairless, short or hairy?

Well, it’s a question that arises among most women. When men were asked if they prefer it hairless, most of the answers were they preferred what their partners wanted.

It might be not the same for you, because your partner likes it a certain way and you like it a certain way. The best solution is to talk to your partner and come up with something that works for both of you.

For those who prefer shaving, here is a step by step guide to having a properly shaved vagina.

Recently an 18 year asked a question on Reddit,

“I (f18) am really curious whether or not most men actually want their partner to shave. I wouldn’t have much of a problem with doing it but for a hairy woman whose hair grows back fairly quickly, it’s just not worth it for stubble to show up the next day. and not only does it take so much time and then grows back very soon, when it starts growing back it’s so damn itchy. just overall it’s not really worth it for me so I’m always wondering if men are going to be unhappy with it.”

Men were happy to give us answers and these were.

1. Love my Wife’s vagina in any way.

One User Said:”I like my wife’s vagina. When we first met, it was always bald. Now, she makes a triangle or a strip. Sometimes she lets it go and just keeps the bikini line clean. To me, I love them all. Always have. Always will.”

2. Some don’t care

“I honestly don’t care if my wife even lets me look at it, as long as I get to touch it every once in a while, I’ll be happy.”

3. Bald looks childlike for him.

“My fiance is pretty much the same. He’s actually turned off from totally bald because he says it looks too child-like for him. I know there’s a lot of controversy over the subject, but I’m kinda glad he feels that way and squicked out by the very idea of his partner looking at all child-like, lol.”

4. some never push their opinions to others

“I have a preference, but I never push that on people, and have never complained. As long as the hygiene is good, the hair shouldn’t matter.”

5. Hairless reminds me of little girls

“I have daughters and changed diapers, and hairless reminds me too much of a little girl-ugh. But I doubt you will be dating many men who have changed a girl’s diapers so that shouldn’t be an issue. But it also depends on what you mean by the hairless vagina. As a guy, I kind of appreciate it if the lips are shaved just because I don’t want hair in my teeth.”

6. Styling is so good

“Also, keep in mind that you can have some fun styling “down there.” I had one gf who shaved her hair into a cat head shape (circle with cat ears). Her pussy looked like a pussy.”

7. Prefer Shaved

“I personally prefer a woman shaved, but ultimately I don’t care that much. I wouldn’t shave my privates for anyone so I wouldn’t expect a girl to start shaving hers just to please me.”