11 dresses that looked exactly like a vagina

Fashion designers around the world have gone ahead to design clothes that look exactly like a vagina and have inspired millions of women across the globe.

Below is the list of dresses that look exactly like a vagina.

1. My friend wore this vagina dress to the prom party

2. She said this black vagina dress was the best for a prom party

3. Here is a gorgeous Alexander Mcqueen dress

4. Joey king wears this amazing labia dress to the golden globes

5. The vagina pants wore by janelle Monea in a music video were the best

6. The vagina hot dog is beautiful

7. This man-made me to love my vagina more and more.

8. The viral orange vag dress.

9. Cardi B’s Met gala dress looked exactly like labia

10. The die for vag dress

11. The labia hands dress

Namilia RTW Spring 2018

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