4 Exercises That’ll Make Your Vagina Tight like a Dick Magnet

Having good sex is the cornerstone to every healthy and romantic relationship and we all know it that men love it when you have a tight dick holder. 

A tight vagina drives your man high when having sex, it keeps sex good and enjoyable.

But it’s hard for women to keep a tight hole to heaven all their life because of aging and child birth.

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We have got you covered, these are the exercises that will make your vagina a dick magnet. Click to tweet and help a friend

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Exercises to make your vagina as tight as a dick magnet. Click to tweet

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises involve holding and releasing your vagina muscles, they help women of all ages to strengthen their pelvic muscles.

To do Kegel exercises, sit down on the floor in hasty, sitting while your legs are crossed is the best position for Kegel exercises.

Squeeze your pelvic, anal, vaginal muscles so hard and hold for 5 seconds. Then release for 2 second and repeat the procedure.

You can do the exercise for around 20 minutes.

Kegel will help your pelvic muscles and this will tighten your vagina, your vagina will become a dick magnet.

You can also get a Kegel set to improve your exercises.


Squats are not only excellent for giving you a perfect ass but they can also alter your dick holder to a better shape.

Spread your legs-hip distance apart, sit back like you are about to sit on a stool and wait for some 2 seconds.

You can do 4 to 15 squats a day and this will improve your vagina muscles.

Glute Bridges

Lay down and make sure your feet touch the floor, your knees up and parted.

Raise your hips off the floor, squeeze your glutes until you create a bridge with your shoulders.

Continue making the bridges and your man will appreciate you for creating magnets in his dick.

Medicine Ball sit-ups

This is a great technique for tightening your vagina and it will transform your pussy from being a dick magnet to a dick guillotine.

This is how to do medicine ball sit-ups

Bottom point.

Doing these exercises on a regularly will make your vagina deadly as a blade that was used to kill 40,000 people in France during the 18th century. He will beg for more and more.

Enjoy making over your pussy magnet.

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