5 Exercises That’ll Make Your Vagina Tight like a Dick Magnet

Having good sex is the cornerstone to every healthy and romantic relationship and we all know it that men love it when you have a tight dick holder. A tight vagina drives your man high when having sex, it keeps sex good and enjoyable at all times.

Doing Kegels, squats, Glute Bridges, Medicine Ball sit-ups will help strengthen your pelvic muscles hence giving you a tight vagina.

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Exercises to make your vagina as tight as a dick magnet

1. Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises involve holding and releasing your vagina muscles, they help women of all ages to strengthen their pelvic muscles.

To do Kegel exercises, sit down on the floor in hasty, sitting while your legs are crossed is the best position for Kegel exercises.

Squeeze your pelvic, anal, vaginal muscles so hard and hold for 5 seconds. Then release for 2 second and repeat the procedure.

You can do the exercise for around 20 minutes.

Kegel will help your pelvic muscles and this will tighten your vagina, your vagina will become a dick magnet.

If you are a beginner, it is best you get kegel balls that come with an exerciser app to guide you through your journey.

Check out more information on the joy On kegel exerciser App as you embark on the journey of tightening your vagina.

2. Squats

Squats are not only excellent for giving you a perfect ass but they can also alter your dick holder to a better shape.

Spread your legs-hip distance apart, sit back like you are about to sit on a stool and wait for some 2 seconds.

You can do 4 to 15 squats a day and this will improve your vagina muscles.

3. Glute Bridges

Lay down and make sure your feet touch the floor, your knees up and parted.

Raise your hips off the floor, squeeze your glutes until you create a bridge with your shoulders.

Continue making the bridges and your man will appreciate you for creating magnets in his dick.

4. Medicine Ball sit-ups

This is a great technique for tightening your vagina and it will transform your pussy from being a dick magnet to a dick guillotine.

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5. Yoga

Doing yoga everyday will help strengthen your pelvic muscles because it involves deep breathing.

If you do yoga daily, your vagina will tighten in a short period of time.

Yoga is not only good for your vagina muscles, but it also has a tone of health benefits that will help you improve your daily lifestyle.

Take this course if you are new to yoga.

Best vagina tightening gels for better results

Isosensuals tight vaginal gel

Isosensuals tightening gel is my number one recommendation for anyone looking for an easy way to having a tight vagina.

Isosensuals tight vagina gel contains natural products determined to reverse the elasticity of your vagina.it tightens the vagina in minutes, relieves itching, and removes the vaginal odor.

It contains a power remedy known as the manjakani extract known for instantly tightening and toning the vaginal walls.

By applying the gel, your vaginal walls will be reshaped.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive surgeries, Isosensuals tight vagina gel can work out the magic for you in just minutes.

Get more information on isosensuals tight vaginal gel works.

Major curves vaginal tightening Gel

Major curves vagina tightening gel is filled with natural ingredients to help tighten your pelvic muscles.

It is said, it works after 20 seconds of application.

It is said, the product has no side effects and there is a 1000% back money guarantee if it doesn’t work for you.

The bottle lasts for a month but you can’t use it permanently because your vagina will become too tight.

Even though the products work well, I recommend you continue doing pelvic floor exercises.

Click here to get more information on major curves vaginal tightening gel.

China shrink Cream

According to reviews, this product does wonders, it will help tighten your vagina in just a matter of minutes. 

It composes of glycerin a natural tightening agent, you will feel the difference in just a matter of minutes. 

I strongly advise you to use it once in a while because if you apply it daily, your vagina will become too tight to even have sex.

Users of this product swear by it doing magic.

Check out what people are saying about this product

Natural remedies to tighten your vagina.


It is also known as amla, it is the most effective remedy at tightening the vaginal walls.

It also improves skin, hair and overall health.

Get 10-12 gooseberries and boil them in plain water, the boiling will allow the extract from the gooseberries to get mixed with water giving you a firm remedy.

 After boiling, cool off the mixture and apply it on your vagina before taking a shower.

Do it daily to increase the elasticity of your vagina muscles.

2.Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is known in the beauty industry for improving skin and hair. But it can also be used in tightening the walls of the vagina.

Aloe contains acids, zinc, proteins, sugars, fatty acids, vitamins, calcium, and choline.

Note: Do not use it everyday and shouldn’t be used in large quantities.

All you have to do is get the gel and apply it in your genital region before a shower.

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3. Curcuma Comosa

Curcuma samosa has been used in treating many gynecological complications like yellow and excessive vaginal discharge, menstrual cycles, hot flashes and vaginal odor.

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it is good in treating postpartum uterine bleeding and inflamed uterus.

It also helps in preventing vaginal prolapse while eradicating other vaginal issues.

All you have to do is extract the juice from the root and apply it to your vagina.

Do it continuously and you will witness some results in months time.

4.Pueraria Mirifica

Pueraria Mirifica extract is rich in phytoestrogens and other compounds that help in tissue  regeneration which helps in strengthening the pelvic muscles

Get the extract and apply it to your vagina and wash it off after 30 minutes.

5.Oak Gall / Oak Apple

It contains astringent properties, phytoestrogens, and tannins which are effective at strengthening the pelvic muscles.

The oak gall extract should be applied directly on your vagina, for best results, use it every day before taking a shower.

Bottom point.

Doing these exercises regularly will make your vagina deadly as a blade that was used to kill 40,000 people in France during the 18th century. He will beg for more and more.

Enjoy making over your pussy magnet.

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