My boyfriend seems to be fascinated with my vagina

Has your boyfriend ever been fascinated with your vagina? Well, this lady posted on Reddit saying her boyfriend is fascinated with her vagina.

This is how she said “Haha enlighten me! He has said it before that I have a ‘pretty’ vagina. But last night (we had both had a few drinks) after we had a serious conversation about where we stand we had almost a ‘make-up sex’.And it wasn’t just once he did this, he kept going down and inspecting! opening up etc ! And saying how it was hot it was ( I was like what warm ) or how pretty it is! Felt a bit self-conscious ”

Well, very many comments kept flowing from the other users where some said that it always among young girls “this is what it’s like for young girls too. Don’t guys do this? I imagine having something dangling between your legs would inspire much more curiosity than “I wonder where my pee comes out from”
So the above comment kept me wondering asking myself if all young girls vaginas were fascinating.
Some comments emphasized the point of how men are pleased to see something they don’t have at all.

Take a look at all these comments, They are so inspiring.

“When I was little I used to use a mirror to look at my vagina and just kinda inspect it…lol. I was just so fascinated and confused by it. Didn’t really know the full purpose of the vagina at that age. I remember my mom walking in my room one day when I was looking at it and she handled it very well I distinctly remember her saying “Our bodies are really amazing aren’t they? It is good to be familiar with them, thank you for doing this in private because your body is private too.” And I never once felt uncomfortable by this, so I am glad she handled it that way! If I ever have daughters I will encourage bodily exploration as well. It is so important for little kids to learn about themselves!”

“I think for guys, at least for how I see myself… guy bits are rather straightforward by comparison.or at least, what complexity they have, is old news for us. I mean early in my relationship my wife had a bit where she was amazed by some exploration of me too. how stretchy things were, etc. so somewhat. but I think its socially more acceptable for guys to do that”.

“I’d say penises are as curious for us as vaginas are for those who don’t have one. I think a penis is way more shocking but I am definitely biased. I think it’s way weirder to look at a penis than a vagina, a vagina is just there and a penis is there, it changes sizes, moves, and it’s kind of intimidating. Have you ever felt intimidated by a vagina? that would be weird to me”

And here is someone who experienced the same scenario with her boyfriend.

“My boyfriend did that too. He said that all his previous partners had been too self-conscious to let him inspect theirs. Sometimes before going down on me, he’ll say something like “ready for inspection?” and then just part the folds and look at my vulva for about 30 seconds and make “mmmm” sounds or compliment it. I thought it was weird at first but… it’s just one of his quirks. You good.”

Well, this is all normal.

“That’s a good thing! I find every vagina I’ve had the pleasure of engaging in fascinating. They’re all unique and fun to explore. The more I spend studying it, the better I can get at pleasing that particular woman.”

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