8 ways to find love as a plus-size woman

As a plus-size woman, it can be challenging to find love because you are looking for someone who will love you the way you are without judging your looks. But there are many tips available on how to find love as a plus-size woman.

By being confident, dressing to kill, dating online, and engaging in fun activities, Any Plus size woman will be able to find love.

As a plus-size woman, you will find love, you just have to be patient with yourself, Don’t settle for less because you are worth more than you can imagine.

Your Ex-boyfriend, grandma, or friend might have told you that you’ll never find love because you are overweight. Well, they are idiots to think so and that should make you give up on the hope of finding true love.

How to find love as a plus-size woman

Below are the things to do to get a boyfriend if you are overweight.

1. Be confident

You are a plus-size woman, and that shouldn’t make you feel less pretty, sexy, or beautiful. When you speak with confidence and when you walk, walk with confidence.

Say out your expectations in a relationship and don’t settle for less. When you have confidence, you will definitely find love as a plus-size woman.

In most cases, plus-size women settle for someone just because they have shown interest in them. The right person will always come into your life at the right time.

Check out this guide to gain super confidence while dating.

2. Dress to kill

Dress to impress, there are thousands of stores online with good plus outfits that will make you look beautiful. Choose colors that brighten you up.

As a plus-size woman, you might be insecure about your belly if you have it. Try to find outfits that don’t overexpose the size of your belly.

3. Engage in fun activities

We might be in a pandemic but with the available vaccines, you can go out and have fun, If you’re invited to parties, don’t say no. Allow yourself to have fun.

Join community activities, engage with people, and exchange numbers. You only meet people when you go outside of your home.

If you want to date a lawyer, go where lawyers relax, if you want to date a celebrity, then you have to hug out where celebrities hug out from.

When you are out there, try to connect with me, and do eye contact. you are looking for love so you have to be strategic

4. Try dating online

I meant the love of my life online. despite my being plus-sized, he loved me anyway. Dating online is common nowadays and you will meet pretty amazing people online.

There are many online apps out there but Eharmony is so far the best place to meet serious loving people.

When uploading a picture, it’s good to use a picture that represents you the most. When someone sees that you are plus size and loves you anyway, Then they like you for who you are.

When I was searching for love online, it was funny to state in my profile that people interested in quick sex shouldn’t contact me. Because I was looking for a serious relationship, not quick sex.

Dating sites are one of the ways to find love as a plus-size woman.

5. Look for Partnership, not romance

So many people just want someone to have sex with and that’s it, Well you have to set boundaries if you are looking for true love.

Be honest with your partner and let them know that you are after a serious relationship and if they are not ready, they should go.

There is no time to waste. know what you want and have it, As a plus-size woman looking for love. seek partnership, not romance.

6. Make the first move

Forget what your grandmom told you that girls don’t make the first move, I remember at university, I once told a guy I liked him. Even though things never even started, I was brave and strong enough to be open.

If you have a crush on someone, don’t be scared, let them know that you like them.

If you go out there on an event and you pick interest in someone, tell them they look good and you like their outfits.

Such a simple word might change things. Bring out your super confidence.

Here are some of the tips and tricks to make dating super easier for you.

7. Lose Weight

Losing weight is always beneficial for your body. When you shape your body, your confidence will skyrocket. Your health will also improve.

For plus-size women who are okay with their body size, you can always shape your belly with exercises or a diet.

If you are wondering if guys care that you are fat, Well some guys will care while others won’t care. It’s a preference, all guys have what they prefer.

8. Don’t give up

Sometimes, the things we truly desire take time to come to us, Wait for the process and hold on.

Believe that the universe is big and someone who will love you is out there. Keep searching and keep looking for love. You will find it.

You will go through some obstacles, and your heart will be broken but besides all that, just don’t give you.

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