He won’t go down on You? Here is what to do

Many women have a problem where their partners won’t go down on them for a number of reasons and one of the most common ones is vaginas are disgusting. This might be a shock to you but it actually happens in many relationships.

To make matters worse, those who won’t go down expect their partners to go down for them, seriously, I find this annoying when it comes to gender inequality, all women deserve to be treated better than that.

Most women won’t orgasm without enough clitoral stimulation and one way to have a vagina well stimulated is through going down and doing all the magic you can.

If your partner won’t even try to please you, then a serious problem has to be addressed.

Below are the reasons why your man wouldn’t want to go down on you:

  • Poor Hygiene

Some women, don’t go the extra mile to take care of their vaginas and that leads to poor hygiene, if you are dirty, don’t expect him to go down and please you. Everyone doesn’t enjoy it when it’s dirty because it becomes disgusting. Check our list on how to have a clean vagina.

  • Bad Vaginal Odor

A bad-smelling vagina will definitely be a turn-off for your partner, imagine yourself going down on someone and what welcomes you is a bad odor, you wouldn’t want to do that again. This is how to take care of a bad-smelling vagina.

  • Finds Vagina disgusting

I came across this Reddit thread.

“We’ve been dating for a couple of months and it’s been known that he doesn’t like to eat girls out, he’s always said it’s because for one he’s a picky eater and that doesn’t change when it comes down to sex either. But yesterday we got into another argument about it and he finally expressed himself 100% and said that it’s not me, that he really loves me but he finds every woman’s pussy on the planet gross, and he thinks it’s disgusting to eat a girl out, meanwhile I’ve been giving him blowjobs and having my head pushed down on his dick. Not to mention cum doesn’t taste like candy to me either. When asked why does he even have sex with girls he said he still likes women and “it’s still a hole”

This kind of man can be so annoying, they expect you to please them but they won’t please you, this isn’t a relationship, it’s abuse.

  • Selfish Bastard

Some people are just selfish, if there isn’t a genuine reason for him to not go down on you, then he is just a selfish bastard that doesn’t care about how you feel but wants you to please him.

Such relationships never last for a long time, a selfish bastard isn’t the right man for you.

Since we have talked about the various reasons why your partner won’t go down on you, let’s also talk about the steps you can implement to get the best out of your relationship without breaking up.

What to do when your partner won’t go down on you.

Have a talk

In any relationship, communication is the number one thing all partners should consider, by having a talk with your partner, explain to him why it is important for him to go down on you and why you like it.

Most women don’t orgasm but clitoral stimulation is one way to give any woman an unforgettable orgasm. one of the best ways to stimulate the clitoris is your partner going down on you.

Ask for it

Before you come to the conclusion that your partner won’t give you what you deserve or won’t, have you asked him to go down on you? did you tell him how important it is for you and why you need it?

Some partners are slow and they won’t do anything unless you ask for it, besides having seen a number of women who are scared of letting someone go down on them because they think they are not clean enough and some men take this perception.

So it is important for you to ask him to go down on you and give you an amazing experience.

Go for some counseling

If even after some efforts, your partner still thinks he can’t go down on you, then you can decide to have couples sex counseling from a sex therapist.

There are situations where your partner doesn’t feel like you are clean even if you know you are clean enough or if he just finds a vagina disgusting.

This also applies to men who expect you to give them a blow job but they don’t want to go down on you, this can be annoying but it’s important to take the first steps first, for example, going for some sex therapy.

There is a number of online therapies which can help give you good therapy.

Introduce sex toys in your relationship

Yes we all know that sex toys can spice up any sexual experience, if going down on you is really hard on him, then you can decide to introduce some sex toys into your relationship.

There has been the development of a certain range of sex toys from clitoral stimulators to vibrators. The sky is the limit, I shop most of my sex toys from LoveHoney. Their prices are great and besides, they have over 4000 different sex toys to choose from.

You can start with couples toys, and start using them while being intimate with your partner.

Run if you can

This applies to someone at the start of their relationship, imagine you meant this amazing partner and after a few times, you realize he can’t give you what you deserve, and besides, he is not even trying to satisfy your desires and wants.

In any relationship, you will realize that there are those red flags that just show you that you have to run away from the relationship as fast as you can.

If a man told me that my vagina is disgusting, that would be a total turn off and I would immediately end the relationship there and then.

We wish you luck to having a good time

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