12 Helpful Toddler Products That I Truly Swear By As A Mom Of Two

These are one of the most helpful products that I find helpful and valuable as a mom of two, I have both a toddler and a newborn today, I will share the most helpful products that are worth having in your house.

1. YETI Rambler Straw Cap .This will help you avoid a mess in the house, Having spills all over the house from kids isn’t cool at all.

“We have, and love, the kids Hydroflask… what I don’t like is it’s too wide (with the silicon bumper) to fit in our stroller & car seat cup holders – not a deal-breaker, but an inconvenience. I wanted to see how the Yeti compared. Size-wise, it’s taller but about the same width and has the same 12 oz capacity. The handle is easier for small hands to carry. Everything else about it (“leak”-proof, straw, flip top, insulation) seems about the same for the most part. I trust Yet’s durability and the extra straw is a major bonus, this cup will last a long time. If you already have a Hydroflask, I don’t think this cup is necessarily worth the upgrade. But if you decide between the two, I’d recommend the Yeti!” by McDermom

2. Sank Reusable Practice Copybook to prepare your child for preschool. never buy books all the time

“This product sounds impressive, but when I got it, I realized I could not use it. The letters and numbers slant. They are not written in the standard formation (Zaner Bloser) and do not correctly sit on the lines”. By Arlene

3. This is something that all kids love, Emoin Dancing Cactus,Talking Cactus Toy

“This toy is actually more fun than I thought it would be! My husband and I were bickering about something in front of the cactus and it mocked us by repeating what we were saying in a high-pitched tone. We both couldn’t help but laugh. The songs are super fun, however, there is one Spanish (I think) song that sounds like it’s saying the”F” bomb as my teen would call it. Other than that, I even love it! Plus, it comes with some clothes so you can dress him up!”

4. SKYLA HOMES Baby Locks just to make sure everyone and everything is safe.

We had the locks that are behind the door, they were difficult to open, had to use a ruler. So we ordered these. Just pull the adhesive off the back and place it snugly onto doors or drawers.
The pictures on amazon didn’t show how easy it is to open. So I took some pictures. Just pull one lever to right, lever extends, pull it back with thumb and open. Just push in place to cl
David S. Geller

5. Seckton Upgrade Kids Selfie Camera. have them enjoy recording all the good memories

“So my daughter did it again, she kept stealing my phone and taking tons of pictures with it. I love her artistic streak and thought this would help nurture her artistic ability and also get me my phone back. Win-win!

6. NextStep2 Toilet Seat with Built-In Potty Training Seat. Potty training on toilet makes life easier.

“I had to rig the install a bit because the seat kept sliding no matter how tight I screwed the bolts. Excellent quality, heavy-duty materials, great magnetic feature for the potty. Easy to install- overall excellent product. The potty seat stays up when lifting and putting down the whole seat for men, easy for 2yr old toddler to put down potty seat. We love it.”

7. Best folding travel sit for kids when going around.

“I love this for my daughter. If I had to do it all over I’d buy one for each bathroom at home as the bulky ones are a pain to take on and off, especially when u have company. This has helped ease my old nightmares of potty training in public. No more unnecessary anxiety of germs we may take home. Per another post, I used this in combination with a toilet liner I bought off amazon. It folds nicely and fits great in my purse. Buy it!

8. Goody Ouchless Elastic Hair Ties for your little one’s hair, Funny, I use them too to hold my hair.

“I use these to band my hair, as well as a regular pony holder. They stretch out after a couple uses and lose their spring, but i have 200 of them, so as far as value for money, it’s fine. The packaging is flimsy as heck however, it arrived with other items and was exploded all over the box”

9. Munchkin Snack Catcher . I hate seeing snacks on the floor all the time, this is helpful

Not completely leakproof, if you put things that have crumbs in it & the baby shakes it around you’ll get crumbs everywhere still but it containers everything so far great! Lid stays on & baby hasn’t figured out how to get it off, we’re going on 18 months now too & have been using since about 9 months.

10.Trampoline for Kids for both indoor and outdoor activities . best way to exhaust the kids at home.

Bought this for my grandkids. Easy to put together and small enough to put in their bedroom if the weather is bad. Easy to move from outside to indoors. My babies love this and use it every day. I would definitely recommend this for 1-4 yrs old; especially if you don’t have a lot of room.

11.Science Kit for Kids  Good for kids who love experimenting alot.

“We purchased this for our 5-year-old grandson for Christmas. He could not wait until he returned home to get to use it. The great thing is that it is not only entertaining but also a learning experience all in one. Definitely very giftable.”

12. Baby Led Weaning Feeding Supplies for Toddlers. You won’t have amess in the house.

My baby loves to eat with this stuff. He’s doing a great job. His favorite part is when he grabs the “suction cup” bowl right up as if there is no suction at all. My favorite part is cleaning all the food out of his hair after the bowl flies up from his very powerful pull.

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