10 Hilarious things to do for your vagina this year

We plan for almost everything in our livies but one thing we never plan is how our vaginas will stay happy this year .

It’s amazing when it comes to what you can do for the vagina and what you can’t do for the vagina .

Most of the things we plan to do for the vagina are scary because they make us second guess our selves whether its right or not.

What hilarious thing would you do for your vagina?

That’s a big question for you to think about, comment below if you have the answer already .

Below are some of the ideas on what things you can do for your vagina.

1. Steam it

As unwise as it might sound ,vagina steaming is the trend that is growing each year .’

Vaginal steaming is a process that involves sitting on a particular pot which has steam .This steam usually involves a number of herbs mixed together .

It is said to improve on the fertility of women and that it has anumber of benefits however it also has some negative effects.

We have seen celebrities like Chrissy Teigen trying out vagina steaming ,well this becomes your do to list for your vagina.

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2. Vagina massaging

So you have been having body massages and yet you never thought about giving your vagina some extras like a massage.

Massaging your vagina by a professional can be an enticing experience for women but the question is ,how would you feel ?

Personally, I guess it is something every woman should try out, A number of women find it totally insane to put their vaginas in front of someone else for a massage.

I think its the 21st century, who cares what I do with my vagina?

People have seen more than you can think so its okay to put your vagina for someone to massage after all am not the first ever to do so.

This should be on your to do list this year,go for a vagina massage and enjoy it to the fullest.

3. Lightening the Vagina

This is a process that involves whitening the skin around your genital region.

It is also referred to as vagina bleaching, it involves using certain chemicals to lighten the skin around your vagina.

Many doctors have criticized it for as long as I can remember but women continue to go for it.

Most women call it the best birthday present to ever give a man. Well, I don’t know if this is true but if that’s the way you feel, then go for it.

4. Making up your Vagina

Vagina make up is a real thing now, women make up their down parts for better appearance.

There are a number of products on the market like vagina liners and shades made for softening and illuminating your vagina.

This is a bad idea for any women because you can cause problems for your vagina ranging from infections, bad odor, itching and rashes.

If you want to proceed ,then proceed at your own risk .

5. Vagina fillers

We have all had about lip fillers, but vagina fillers are something hitting the market like a storm.

Now, women are filling their labia in the same way they do with lips, wow! the trend is a bit scary.

The process involves having an injection on the labia to make them bigger and sexier .

It involves injecting the womans own fats into the labia to make them puffy ,sexier and beautiful .

The price of filling the labia ranges from 150 euros to 3000 euros.

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6.Vagina dye

Did you know that you can dye your vagina to any colour you want ,this might be green ,yellow ,blue or pink .

But do it knowing an infection is awaiting for you.

If it a fantasy you have ,take precaution.

7. Vagina facials

Yes vagina facial (vajacials) do exist ,the process takes around 40 to 60 minutes .

It involves plucking, moisturizing and cleansing.

Your vagina is covered in a flavoured mask for it to smell good like candles or roses.

One thing to remember is this is a bad idea and that you should be careful while opting for this experience.

8. Making it minty fresh

I wish it was a joke but unfortunately, vaginal mints do exist.They are developed for your vagina to smell fresh and minty .

However, if you want to use mints, its best you know that yeast infections will be waiting.

9. Vagina mustache

This isn’t only for beards, it’s aromatic gesture women are not letting pass by.

It involves adding extra hair on the vagina to have a vagina mustache.

10. Vagina rejuvenation

This is a process that involves reconstructing the vagina to make it look more cute, younger, tighter and sexier.

There are a number of procedures ranging from labiaplasty to vaginoplasty.

When you rejuvenate your vagina, it becomes tighter, more beautiful and younger .

The process alone costs between 3000$ to 4000$.

If you want to make over your vagina, Vaginal rejuvenation is the coolest procedure on the block.

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