How to prepare your vagina for a new year

The year has been long but just like anything else, it also comes to an end.

How has been your year?

What has your vagina enjoyed, endured and hated?

It’s the above questions that help you reflect what your vagina has gone through the year, but the time is now for you to prepare it for the coming year.

Around the world, many women with vaginas have tried out a number of things and others have suffered in pain, for example, we can’t forget the woman who sued the ex-boyfriend for enlarging her vagina, Cardi B vagina getting worn out, Mel B scrapping her vagina and so many other outbreaks through the year.

Since the year is coming to an end, Here are the various ways you can prepare your vagina for a new year.

1. Treat all infections

This should be the first thing you have to do before the year ends. Vagina infections include yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and Urinary tract infections.

Those infections cause syptoms like redness, bad odor, and smelly discharge.

Pass via your gynecologist for a checkup and treatment so that you have the best fresh year of all time.

Sometimes such infections are treated with natural remedies, for example here are the remedies for UTI.

2. Treat the Bad odor

Your vagina is the source of paradise, and it should smell good. Please, your vagina won’t smell like roses and stop trying to make it by using soaps and douches because they worsen the situation.

Remember a clean vagina makes oral sex enjoyable.

Your vagina can smell bad due to vaginal infections and hygiene.

Make sure you clean your vagina so well.

If you want to make your vagina to smell and taste better, here  are some of the foods that can help you achieve your goals.

3. Shave it

This becomes contradicting when science tells you to shave your vagina and your partner loves the bush.

What can you do if you are in this situation?

Lets first explain the importance of shaving your vagina, when you shave it, you reduce the risk of getting vaginal infections.

Pubic hair increases heat around your vagina which can cause darkening of the vagina skin.

Its best you shave it but if your partner wants it so bad ,seems like you going to make a compromise this time by keeping the falling bush.

4.Feed it well.

Do you know that everything you feed your vagina influences your overall vagina health ranging from the smell to the taste?

When you eat healthy foods, your vagina will be in a happy mood all year, and it won’t disappoint you.

Read about the foods that will make your vagina happier.

5.Dress it well.

Ladies lets be clear about this ,the new year comes with new things.

Do you ever think about buying some some lingerie for your vagina.

Its a new year, Surprise your partner with a new look. A new look can work the best magic for the entire year, remember the way you start your year reflects how it will end.

One thing to remember is cotton pants are the best for your vagina because it receives fresh air .


So we have discussed the different things you should do before the year ends and you have to start now.

Wish you the best year of your life.

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