How to stop itching down there immediately

Vaginal itching is one of the common problems women face. It’s uncomfortable and can make you have a sleepless night.

There are a number of causes why your vagina itches but some of them include bacterial vaginosis, sexually transmitted diseases, Menopause, skin diseases, and yeast infection.

Read in detail about why your vagina itches.

There was a time that I spent an entire night without sleeping because my vagina was itching like wildfire, wow, to make matters worse, I kept touching there and everything worsened. So when it comes to an itching vagina, I know how terrible it can feel.

So I shall talk about the best home remedies to give you quick relief from an itching vagina. I will also talk about some creams that can help with vaginal itching.

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Best home remedies to give you relief from vagina itching

These home remedies will give you quick relief from an itching vagina.

1.Baking Soda Bath

According to the 2014 study, it was found that baking soda killed candida cells that cause yeast infections.

Having a baking soda bath will give you quick relief from an itching vagina. it is recommended to put a 1/4cup of baking soda in your bath according to the national eczema association.

All you have to do is add 1/4- 2 cups of baking soda depending on the amount of water. Let it dissolve and use it to wash your vagina.

You will see better results if you using a bathtub because you can stay there for 20 to 30 minutes.

You can buy baking soda at your nearest store but you can also order it from amazon.

2. Apple cider vinegar bath

Many people across the world believe that using apple cider vinegar can help soothe your yeast infection.

However, there is little evidence to back up this theory. But you can also try it.

I highly recommend organic apple cider vinegar.

Add half a cup of ACV into your bathtub and soak in for 20 to 30 minutes.

3. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a common home remedy for treating yeast infections. Probiotic yogurt promotes the growth of good bacteria in your vagina hence killing off some yeast.

In a 2012 study, 82 pregnant women were given honey and yogurt to treat vaginal itching and 47 were given anti-fungal cream, It was concluded that honey and yogurt are more effective in treating vaginal itching than anti-fungal creams.


  • Get some Greek yoghurt and put it in your vagina to relive the itching.
  • You can also apply some yogurt on the tampoon for better results however make sure you wear a pad to prevent it from your clothes.

4. Wear Cotton Underwear

If you are having vaginal discomfort, wearing cotton underwear can give you quick relief because they are breathable.

Wearing 100% cotton underwear can help you prevent future infections.

check out these cotton underwear here.

5. Get Probiotic supplements

To have a healthy vagina, you need a balance of both good and bad bacteria. Probiotics will increase the good bacteria in your vagina.

You can get good probiotic supplements at the drug store. They can inform of tonics or capsules.

Taking them will help you have a good and healthy vagina.

I personally recommend the garden of life women probiotic supplements, Check them out here.

6. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a home remedy that comes with a number of benefits, even though it can be used as a lube and moisturizer.

In a 2016 study, it was proved that coconut oil killed the candida Albicans that cause yeast infections. However, the study was carried out in the lab, and there no enough evidence that it works on humans.

Get good high-quality coconut oil and apply it directly to your vagina.

Make sure to use high-quality coconut oil, I recommend the nutive organic unrefined coconut oil.

Coconut oil also helps with vaginal dryness.

7. Antifungal cream

We all know that when things become too uncomfortable, all we need is something to give us a quick relief. this is where antifungal creams come to help the situation.

Even though some come in creams, others come to inform of suppositories to be inserted into your vagina.

These creams kill off the yeast giving you a smooth from itching.

Check out the Monistat 3-day yeast infection treatment.

8. Cortisone Cream

If your vagina is itching as a result of shaving, cortisone cream is the best bet for you. This cream can be used to treat skin diseases, rash, and many skin conditions.

However, you should never apply it inside the vagina, it can only be applied externally.

Check more information about cortisone cream here.

When to see a doctor

When you see symptoms below, make sure to make an appointment with the doctor.

  • Genital redness or swelling.
  • Pain during urination.
  • Blisters on your vulva.
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge.
  • Bad vaginal smell.
  • Pain and burning during sex.

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