I showed my stepdad that am not poor but way richer

People love to assume things about other people, they love judging a book by its cover because just because I wear cheap clothes doesn’t mean I can’t afford designer clothes.

Sometimes, people just hate spending a lot of money on unnecessary things, Just like how Cardi B hates wasting her money.

Actually, people who have good saving skills have the ability to be rich, Imagine when Elon said he lives in a $50,000 house despite being the world’s richest man.

And that is exactly what happened with this female Redditor.

According to her.

I(early thirties female) have 2 children that were born when I was 21 and 22. My daughter(eldest) was an accident but my second daughter was deliberate as I found out that I needed a hysterectomy due to medical reasons and being an only child and psych major I believed it was important that my daughter had a sibling. At the time I had recently (amicably) split from my partner and my stepfather was strongly against me further ruining my life by having another child due to his belief that you cannot be successful as a single parent. I ended up going no contact with my mum, stepfather, and 2 half-siblings(at the time 10 and 9) over this. My stepfather is in no position to talk as he and mum are far from well off, due to his gambling addiction that chewed through my mum’s savings prior to his recovery.

About 2 years ago, my mum reached out to me as she was diagnosed with cancer. She came through it and is now in remission. I am not as close with them as I used to be but things have been improving.

She loves saving her money, so she decides to live a moderate life. but her stepdad has a different mindset.

However, my stepfather keeps going on about how I never made it because I don’t have a nice car or a fancy apartment in the city or a husband and insists that I must be poor because I’m not materialistic. I got used to being frugal in my early 20s when I was a poor uni student with 2 kids and it just never really changed. I have a very nice Govt job with a 6 figure salary where I work from home but I drive a 2009 Nissan and I own a nice house in the country because I don’t see the point in buying a city apartment that I don’t need or a flashy car that will have a shitty km to L ratio.

Things came to a head at a recent family dinner when I told my mum about a budget place to get tires from (hers are almost bald) and my stepfather said “good to have a poor person in the family so we know where the deals are”. I got pissed off and told him to stop assuming things about me and walked out with my kids.

But she has a good heart and she loves her half-siblings. And now, it was time for her to show off unintentionally to her stepdad who thought she was poor.

Yesterday I notified them of the 60k trust I have set up for my half-siblings uni trust fund and took them to buy a vehicle each so they can get to uni. Both are starting this year. I deliberately left the windscreen price stickers on so my stepfather would see how much I spent.

Just like annoying people, they get jealous at moments when they should be happy and this is what this stepdad did.

Today my stepfather called me ranting about how I was showing off and how I should keep my mouth shut and respect my elders. My mum texted to say that he’s furious at her for forever contacting me. AITA here?

But Redditors were first to call out the step-dad who is selfish and an annoying jack who needs some mental help because he is out of touch with reality.

See, now that he’s been proven wrong, he can’t put OP down by calling her poor, so he has to switch gears and say OP is showing off. OP will never win with him.

Plus the fact is spite-driven kinda just makes me smile. OP took a potentially bad situation and worked hard to be successful and prove someone wrong. Then did. I give a free gloating pass for all that hard work

So what do you think?

This post is mainly a story from Reddit.

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