Is a depressed life worth living

As a human, There are days when everything in your life will seem dark, there are days when you will see that everything is not going your way. And in some moments, the question of, IF A depressed life is worth living will pop up in your head. That thought alone will even make you question your mental health.

Yes, Even in the saddest moments of your life, your life means something to this world, and in that saddest depressing moment of your life, You are also learning something new. The depression you feel is part of life and a reminder that no life is perfect, Life is full of trials and bad times, But it is in those bad times that we learn a lot of the value and what we actually need to do for the better future of our lives.

Below are some reasons why a depressed life is worth Living

Sometimes, being depressed comes with some good to it.

1 . It’s okay, you are not the first or the last

Do you think you are the first to feel so depressed and down in life? People get depressed every day in their lives. Even the most famous people or rich people you see on television are also struggling with something.

You are not the first person to ever feel so down. Most people have been in your shoes too, They have also felt like the world is unfair and tough, They have also cried and felt overwhelmed. But yet, they have moved on and lived their lives.

Today, You might be going through something, But what if, I told you that whatever you are going through might be a better situation than what you might face in 5 years?

As humans, We are born to survive and thrive, In every situation. You will survive and thrive.

2. It will pass, No situation is permanent

Yes, No situation is permanent, What you are going through today is just a thread of life that will be broken. No situation lasts forever. Every situation comes to an end.

I want to tell you that today is not the end, it is just the beginning of your life, Look at this journey as a start.

It requires you to walk it. Start walking it, Yes, you will find some rocks and holes in it. But at the end of the day, you have to reach your destination. Because you can.

You can go to the heights in your life. You are meant to fly.

3. Every life is worth living

Every life has a meaning, You were brought into this world for a reason, Your life alone has a purpose, It doesn’t matter what the situation is. Your life is special and should be lived.

No one should tell you that you are not important because your very existence in this world has a meaning attached to it. Yes, This depressed life is worth living.

4. You have the power to change that

Think about it this way, I am a believer in God and I always tell myself that in every life, God wants to show us something we didn’t know about each other, I want to remind you .

Every difficult situation you have gone through in your life has taught you something good.

Either, you have learned to be super independent or you have come to understand people more than you did. Let us say, Maybe, you were a yes person and now that you are going through something, You realize that everyone cares about themselves and everyone Prioritises themselves first.

Such an experience will remind you to choose yourself first. You will go from being a people pleaser to someone who only does things for yourself.

How to deal with a depressed life

Below are some of the tricks to help you go through the darkest time of yourself

1 . Read or listen to books

When I was going through a dark time in my life, nothing could help me, my mind was breaking down and no one could help me. During one walk, I discovered a book by Jen Sincero That book changed my life, it taught me so much and also made me feel better.

From then, I began listening to all sorts of books, every morning, I could go out just to listen to a book. My life become better, I actually realized that many people have gone through worse situations than me but yet, they have managed to find happiness.

It is not a secret that everyone will tell you, Reading or listening to books can change your life. Books change your life for the better. Start listening to all the self-help books you can find.

If you are not a fan of books, start with the alchemist or the four agreements, Those classics will open your heart to loving books.

2. Exercise.

Exercising is one way of getting rid of stress and anxiety. Even when you feel like you want this entire world to burn, Go exercise, Take a walk outside. Exercising can help improve your mood and help you feel better.

3. Talk to anyone

If you are a person who loves to keep everything to yourself. At least find someone who doesn’t know you and tell him all that you feel. Sometimes, it is better to talk to someone about what you feel deep inside.

Some People prefer finding a therapist and talking to them about their problems and how they feel. When you share how you feel. You take the burdens off your shoulder.

4. Do something about yourself

Every situation you are going through right now can be changed for the better. But that power is in your hands, YOu have the power to change your life right now.

If you don’t take that step and change your life right now, You might feel like that for the rest of your life, Do something about your life today. Start making choices that will make your future brighter.

Every tiny step you take today will make your life better…..

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