Is it OK to not have a flat stomach?

Many women ask themselves if it is okay to not have a flat stomach because of society’s standards, with so many online fake models and fake pictures, some women are left to believe that not having a flat stomach is ugly.

Yes, you are pretty even if you don’t have a flat stomach. Keep your confidence and know not everyone has a flat stomach but they are happy. So it is okay to not have a flat stomach.

So many young girls have been pushed to death by starving themselves in order to have a flat stomach because social media tells them that having a flat stomach makes them beautiful.

Be happy with your little belly fat because biologically, some people are only meant to have round stomachs.

However, if you want to have a flat stomach, Below are some of the ways you can achieve it.

1. Exercise

Exercising is one way of having a flat tummy. You have to incorporate Abs exercises like Russian twists, heel touch, reverse crush and many more that target your stomach areas.

Resistance training is also effective since it helps develop muscle. when you develop muscle, you will see your stomach flatten.

Walking is my favorite way of losing weight and staying in shape, I walk when taking and bringing my kids from school. It is recommended to take at least 10000 steps a day for weight loss purposes. You can go up to 15000 steps.

Exercising will help you lose weight. by losing weight, you will definitely get a flat stomach.

2. Lower your calorie intake

When flattening your tummy, calorie intake matters the most. If you consume a lot of calories, you accumulate more fat which makes your stomach bigger.

Cut down on your calorie intake and increase fiber in your diet. Eating soluble fiber has been linked to weight loss.

Include more protein foods in your diet. Eating protein makes you energetic and less hungry. Foods with high protein are lean meats, eggs, cheese, beans, tofu, almonds, etc.

Lowering your calorie intake is the number one way to lose weight around your tummy area.

3. Use a waist trainer

Wearing a waist trainer helps flatten your stomach. Waist trainers help in the fat-burning process around your stomach.

It is recommended to wear a waist trainer for 8 hours a day in order to see results. Wearing a waist trainer while exercising will help you see results faster.

Make sure you are comfortable and don’t overdo it. If you feel pain. Make sure to visit the doctor.

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4. Go on a diet

Going on a special diet can help you flatten your stomach. Diets include the keto diet, vegan diet, paleo diet, and many others.

The smooth diet has also been effective in cutting down stomach fat.

There are also many dietary supplements that can help you achieve a flat tummy for example the Okinawa flat tummy tonic.

5. Drink more water

Drinking more water will help you eat less food. Eating food with an empty stomach makes you consume more calories.

But if you drink water before every meal, you will eat less food hence fewer calories. You will be able to lose weight and hence have a flat stomach.

Drinking more water has also been linked to improving metabolism which improves the fat-burning processes.

6. Be patient

Getting a flat tummy is a process, it can take a lot of time to achieve your goals. Losing weight requires you to be patient and consistent.

Don’t give up easily, stay motivated, and one day, you will have a flat tummy.

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