Do IsoSensuals Vagina tightening gel and pills work ?

Childbirth, hormonal changes, and aging can make the vagina to become looser when giving birth, the vagina tends to enlarge allowing the baby to pass through but it contracts back.

However, it does not go back to its original position with professional help which includes exercises like Kegels and squats.

As you age, the elasticity of your vagina decreases making it hard for your vagina to contract back in the original shape. However despite there are a number of ways to tightening your vagina, I Using IsoSensuals vagina tightening pills and gel are one of them.

What are  IsoSensuals gel and pills?

IsoSensuals gel is an organic proven vaginal tightening cream, it restores the elasticity in women.

The gel will make your vagina tighter without reconstruction or surgery.

It tightens the vagina in minutes and also eliminates vaginal odors.

IsoSensuals pills are proven to give the permanent solution against vagina looseness

Isosensual tight pills and gel are designed to:

  • Tighten the vaginal walls.
  • Contract and reshaping the vagina.
  • Restoring lubrication and eliminating dryness.
  • Restoring your vagina in its original state.

How does IsoSensuals work?

The organic components found in both the pills and gel help in tightening the vagina giving you an amazing experience with your partner.

The key ingredients found in the gel include :

Manjakani Extract

it contains vitamins, tannins and minerals like vitamin C, vitamin A, protein, carbohydrates, fiber and Vitamin A.

it is also a powerful astringent making tightening instant.

The antioxidant properties restore the vaginal vigor, tone, and health

It is also known for fighting against infections due to its astringent properties.

Witch Hazel Extract

This is another powerful home remedy for tightening the vagina, it is also a component found in Isosensuals.

It is a powerful astringent making it easy to contract the pelvic muscles back to its own position.

it has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce the risk of getting infections, they also sooth the vaginal walls and eliminate vaginal odors

Aloe vera

it keeps the vaginal skin hydrated and strengthened.

Squalane and Xanthan Gum

They improve the texture of the skin while keeping the skin hydrated.

Who can benefit from using IsoSensual gel and pills?

Women whose vaginal elasticity has weakened.

Women who have just delivered.

Women going through menopause.

Women who want to restore their vagina to being young again.

Women wishing to restore the confidence in the bedroom.

How to use IsoSensuals tight gel and pills.

How to use the gel

Wash your hands before applying the cream

Put the cream on the tip of your finger

Insert it in your vaginal walls

Start massaging slowly up to 2 minutes

The effect will start in 10 minutes and that’s when you will start seeing results.

If you want permanent results, you will apply 2 times a day for six months.

The gel is tasteless and orderless but if you get irritated, stop using the product.

How to use the pills 

Take 1 capsule every day after a meal.

Many people witness results between 2 to 3 months but getting efficient results can be in 6 months.

If you want to have permanent, quick and lasting results, you are advised to use both the cream and the pills.

What users are saying about the tight gels and pills.

On Amazon, the IsoSensual tight gel has been rated 4.2 out of 5 where 62%  have awarded it a 5-star rating, There are quite a number of reviews where some users liked the product and others didn’t like the product.

The pills have been rated 4-4 out of 5 where  66% of people have awarded the product a 5-star rating.

Bottom line

IsoSensual vaginal tightening gel and cream are one the popular products used by women to tighten their vagina especially if they want to avoid a surgery.

It has been known for effectiveness to tighten the vagina in just 10 minutes but some people have criticized.

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