9 ways to keep a busy man interested in you

All relationships require hard work but dating a busy man can be both boring and interesting at the same time. As a partner, you put in the effort and find how to keep a busy man interested in you.

Texting him, giving him gifts, planning vacations, giving him space, spicing up your intimate life, staying independent, and appreciating the little things he does for you are ways to keep a busy man interested in you.

Love yourself first before you love someone else, you should always know your worth, don’t settle for less, and don’t allow yourself to be miserable because you are dating a busy man. Despite someone being busy, they should spend time checking on you.

It only takes 5 seconds to check on someone you love, if he doesn’t give you time and all he keeps saying, is he is busy, then you should talk things about it.

I have come to realize that if you love someone, you will always take them as a priority no matter how many assignments you have. Knowing that they are okay will always be a priority.

A Relationship is work for both of you. If you are doing your part, then he should do his part too.

How to keep a busy man interested in you.

These are ways how to keep busy money interested in you but remember your self-worth. In a relationship, you are both equals.

1. Check on you

He is busy so don’t wait for him all the time to call you. You can always send a text to him or call him during his break.

Ask him what time during the day he takes a break from work. He will tell you the convenient time to call him.

You can always send him a text to call you when he gets a break. Send him a love text. Send him funny things you find on the internet.

Just send him a recording of something funny you witness, it can be a story or a joke.

2. Gifts

Sharing gifts is one way to show someone how much you love them. It doesn’t matter if it’s cheap or expensive. Most people appreciate all gifts given to them. Gifts for men.

As a busy person, you can buy him something to help relax him when he is home. It can be a massager, a wine storage bottle, or a treadmill for exercising.

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3. Surprise him with a visit

If you leave separately, don’t wait for him to call you for a visit or for him to visit your place. Go to his home, let him find you.

Prepare a quick dinner night for both of you. Eat, talk and laugh together.

By spending some time with each other, you will develop an unbreakable bond. And that’s how you keep a busy man interested in you.

4. Give him space and stop nagging

Are you among these women who want too much attention? Stop calling him all the time, he is busy working.

Stop nagging him about your desires, expectations, or wants. No one wants nagging people in their lives.

He is busy all the time and your nagging just adds frustration into his life, he will dump for a less nagging partner.

Try to understand that the man you love is too busy.

5. Provide support when he needs it

Yes, he is a busy man, but we all have those unpleasant times in our lives, during those times, you have to give him as much support as he needs if you want to keep him interested.

He might be going through a hard time with his business, work, or family, you have to be more supportive.

In those sad moments, we get to build unbreakable bonds because not everyone can be supportive and loving when you are going through a hard time in your life.

6. Spice up your intimate life

In every relationship, intimate life matters, having the best intimate life requires communication. You need to communicate with him about what he prefers in bed.

Wear something sexy on your date night and go wild and crazy at times. During intimacy, anything can be a turn-on.

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7. Go for a vacation

Going for a vacation is one way of letting go of all the stress and anxiety in the world, You need to prepare a vacation for both of you.

During that vacation, you will get to talk about the weakness and expectations in your relationship.

Spending time together will help improve the bond between the two of you.

8. stay independent

A busy man prefers a woman who won’t be clinging all the time, an independent woman who gets things done.

No one wants a cry baby. so you have to be independent, it’s okay to seek help if you need it but not all the time.

When you are so dependent, it just becomes frustrating. No one wants a problematic person, Learn to be independent.

9. Communicate your feelings

I understand that he is so busy but that shouldn’t limit you from communicating how you feel. It’s okay to say what you feel and think.

If you are not happy and you need him to do some changes, tell him straight into his eyes that you are not happy.

You want him to keep interested in you, what about you. Will you stay interested in him if you are not happy?

Communication is the key to any lasting relationship.

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