8 lessons I learned From My Badass Mom

I was raised by a badass woman who worked hard even if she was hated by the people around her, she told me so much about life that even up to today, I still hold her lessons to my heart because they keep me going every evening when life is hard.

One might think that because I grew up in Africa, Life should be hard but don’t be deceived, some people who grew up in Africa are loved, cared for, and given a lot by their parents and I was one.

My dad and Mom worked so hard in life and made sure I got everything I ever desired, from going to the best schools in the country to living my best life. But don’t be deceived, I wasn’t a spoilt Brat.

10 lessons I learned from my badass mom.

The things my mom thought me was how to navigate and go through life even it seemed hard, she thought us many lessons in life that are still shaping me today

1. Patience

Patience is the one trait we all should have but it is very hard to practice patience if you’re going through a rough time. At that moment where you feel like the mountains are crumbling, that is the time you have to be patient a little longer.

She always said, the more impatient you become, the worse the situation becomes. As we go through life, you get to realize that there are a number of hard situations you are going through but you have to learn how to be patient.

You can’t always get a better outcome, sometimes, it will require you to wait a bit longer, it can be love or friendships, You have to be patient to get the best.

2. Working Hard

Even though I believe in the world today where someone can start a blog or a youtube channel and make millions of dollars, working hard like our parents no longer work because you have to work smarter.

But we all know, success doesn’t come on a silver spoon, you have to work so hard to get to your dreams or goals.

The world isn’t for the lazy, success isn’t for the lazy, My Mom still works so hard to this day to an extent, I tell her to stop working so hard at her Age.

3. Always Make Inspiring Friends

We all know that the type of friends we have in our lives also determine the outcome of our dreams and goals, I remember in high school, I wanted the best and I realized to get a scholarship, I had to surround myself with people who were better than me and it worked.

If you want to be the best blogger, then meeting top bloggers in the industry would be the best option, you can also join a community of people who have the same goal as you.

She said, sometimes, the friendships we make are far better than family, Always value friendship but trust no one.

4. Forgive but trust no one

All my entire life, I was thought to never trust anyone, she always advised us to forgive but to never forget because if someone betrayed you, 50% chance is they will betray you again.

The fact that she never trusted anyone made her watch over herself, she believes that trust is not something you can give us easily.

My mom believed it is stupid to trust anyone with secrets or plans. I always tell my sisters that mom’s luck in trust helps her stay safe.

5. Time will make everything better

However much you’re broken, sad, or not wanted, time will always heal the wounds, what seemed so big will become smaller as time moves on.

If you are a married woman who is hated by your inlaws, a gay who is hated by your family or you hated by a people for a certain reason, it might hurt so bad right now but with time, it will become better and you will be better.

In every situation, there is always a reason why things happen the way they do.

6. Get Up early every day

It is important to wake up early in the morning at around 6 am every day, I hated this growing up. My mom would scream and promise to pour water on us if we didn’t go out of bed.

As a child, I hated it but as a grown-up, I realized, Waking up in the morning is necessary for anyone who wishes to be successful.

7. Breakfast is very Important

There was never a single day in my life where our mom skips preparing breakfast, besides, she emphasized how you need to be strong for the day and it all starts with breakfast.

When you have your breakfast, you need the energy to move through the day, you gain the strength to work all day.

So always have breakfast in the morning.

8. No situation is perfect.

Right now, you might be living your best life but remember no situation is perfect. According to my mom, both Good and Bad situations never last forever.

You need to prepare ahead for any situation that will come in the near future. She believed that poverty is not forever and wealth never stays forever.

All circumstances change at a certain time in life and you have to be well prepared.

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