The letter to your vagina-everyone should read this

Wherever you are, this is a letter to your vagina, I would appreciate it if you read it for a vagina.

Dear Vagina

I know this is unexpectedly but I want to have some good talk with you. I want to start by thanking you for all you have pulled up so far in our journey of being together.

You have been so patient and you have tolerated a lot ranging from trauma, infections, irritations, burnings and so many but you have stayed still and strong.

I love you my dear vagina and I want you to know it, Even if I know you don’t have ears, I just want to say I appreciate it all.

You have tolerated the uncountable orgasms, you have been fingered, fucked and touched so hard, but you have not conspired against me, You have always had my back.

Even when I have an owlful day, When someone touches you, I feel like all the problems in my life just melted away, Your love for me is irreplaceable.

You have tolerated that big d**ks inside of you and  have been patient, I want to thank you for that

I want to say I love, I love you and I love you so much.

Dear vagina, despite the fact that I love you so much, I also hate you at times because you have made me sin for example I have had sex before marriage which means I betrayed Gods commandments, because of your need ,I have messed up with people and besides my feelings have been hurt by those who satisfy you .

Sometimes I hate it when you become a little dry, it sucks by you have handled so much, I believe, you will handle more good things to come.

My vagina, you are the best thing that turns sadness into happiness

We are inseparable, I love you and am lucky to have you.

Thank you once again, This was for you.



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