Vagina taste and how to Taste & smell Heavenly

Hello girls, let’s talk about the taste and smell of your honeypot, All women have different taste and smell honeypot depends on a number of things. If you ask men about a vagina taste and smell.

Vaginas taste fishy, salty, metallic, acidic, sour, bitter and many more depending on your diet and cleaning it, wiping it and treating it will make it smell and taste better.

What does a vagina taste like?

Have you ever wondered how you taste down there, have you ever asked the person who goes down you how it all tastes. If you have never, welcome to my league.

vaginas taste differently ranging from acidic, salty, sour, sweet, bitter and many more, the taste of the vagina depends on what you eat because a person who eats pineapples, her vagina will taste and smell different than the one who eats eggs.

Once I had a friend Milly who used to ask me how vaginas taste like, I encouraged her to ask her boyfriend at the time because he used to like going down her. At first, she was scared but with too much advice, she ended up asking the guy, he said, she tasted salty but remember we don’t know how you taste like because it varies on different people.

Do you know how I really taste like? because someone already told me know how my honey pot tastes like but for now, sorry, I am not telling you but don’t worry because it didn’t make me smile.

After doing research, I came upon the same question that was asked on Reddit and many people volunteered to answer.

These were the answers

“The last one I’ve tasted was bitter. Acidic”

Depends a lot on the vagina in question, as well as the current state of its owner (clean, dirty, aroused, recently-shagged, etc…)”

Most of the answers I got all talked about the differences in vaginas and that it all depended.

ways to make your Vagina Taste & smell Delicious

It’s time to talk about how you can make your vagina taste and smell delicious.

1. Clean it!

This is the important first step for every girl who wants to have her vagina taste and smell delicious, If you do not clean your vagina, expect to have a bad vaginal odor. But when you wash your vagina at least 3 times a day, Chances are that your vagina will smell good. Read about the 25 tips to help you have a clean and healthy vagina.

Many women underestimate the power of washing and drying their vaginas, When you dry it, You will be distorting the moist environment that would tempt the growth of yeast infections.

If you can’t manage to wash it during the day, Try using feminine wipes.

2. Treat it!

Your vagina can be infected with UTI or yeast infections and these can give you a bad odor, But treating these infections with either natural remedies or medication will change the smell of your vagina.

A cream like vagisil can also eliminate vaginal itchiness and a bad odor of your vagina

Infections not only make your vagina smell bad but you can also have a smell discharge.

If you have recurring infections, then it would be best if you talk to your doctor.

3. Let it have fresh Air.

Did you know that your vagina needs fresh air to function so well?

A number of women tend to put on too tight panties, These type of underwear don’t allow air to reach your vagina yet it needs moisture.

Cotton panties are the highly recommended underwear for your vagina because they allow moisture inside.

If you around a home, you can stay commando by not wearing any pantie inside, This helps your vagina to smell and taste delicious.

When washing your underwear, its always good to disinfect them because it kills all the bacterias that can cause infections.

4. Wet Wipe it!

Use feminine wipes to clean it after each trip to the toilet because reduces UTI(Urinary tract infections)

Remember to use wipes designed for women, Using anti-bacterial wipes will kill the good bacteria in your vagina which can cause yeast infections.

5.Wipe from front to back

This habit is always taught to girls when they are still young, After you have a bowel movement, wipe from front to back because it prevents the transfer of bacteria around the anus to your vagina

Always remember that anything that goes to your vagina can kill the good bacteria there.

The bacteria around the anus is designed to stay there and not go anywhere else.

6. Don’t Spray it!

Many women think that spraying their vaginas with perfumes will make them taste and smell better, Well that all wrong.

Your vagina is delicate and spraying it can make your vagina smell like hell because it disrupts the PH balance of your vag.

Do not use any type of perfumed product on your vagina.

7. Eat Vegetables and fruits

Did you know that people who eat vegetables have better-smelling vaginas than those who eat meat?

It is true that whatever you eat affects the way your vagina smell.

Eating probiotics foods like yogurt will make you keep your vagina healthy and clean.

You should also include fruits like pineapple, celery, watermelons, cranberries, red grapes and lots of water.

Your vagina taste and the smell will change when you include the above foods in your diet.

Read about the 10 foods that will make your vagina happy and healthy.

8.Shave it or Wax it

Shaving your vagina will improve its smell, Pubic hair can keep sweat and bacterias that contribute to the bad smell of the vagina.

It would be best if you got a shaver and took it all off your body heaven

Remember a shaved or waxed vagina is more appealing to look at it.

9. Avoid eating some foods

Have you ever considered that some foods you eat can contribute to the bad smell of your vagina?

Foods that leave you with a bad breath, foul smell when peeing and smelly farts should be avoided.

Pungent and smelly foods will also leave your vagina smelly and this include coffee, durian, spicy foods, alcohol and beer can make your vag to smell sour.

Foods like garlic, raw onions and asparagus can make your vagina smell bad too, try to avoid them.


All women want their vaginas to smell and taste delicious at all cost but some women have ended up doing mistakes.

We have listed some tips to guide you on having

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