7 reasons why your mom makes you cry everyday

Sometimes, there are good reasons why your mom makes you cry every day but in most cases, despite the reasons, making your child cry every day will be emotionally breaking and damaging for a child. You don’t deserve to go through all that pain. And no mom should make their kids go through all that sadness every single day in their lives.

Sometimes, your mom can make you cry every day because she is angry at the world, She wants the best for you, she loves you in her own way or she is just a toxic evil mom.

However, no reason can justify making your child cry every day. But As a mom, I will try to describe the reasons why your mom might make you cry every day.

Why your mom makes you cry every day

These reasons will help you to understand why your mom makes you cry but if nothing helps, you will need to seek help from either a social worker or a Phychritist

1 . She takes her anger on you

Is your mom going through a hard time, is she having financial, family, or work problems that you know of? Because going through a hard time makes moms angry at the world.

If she going through a very hard time and when she is home, all you do is piss her off, she will take out her anger on you.

She is scream or yells at you and you will end up crying.

The best solution for this is to try to be patient with her talk to her, and let her know that her anger is making her go through pain.

2. She wants you to have a better life

As moms, we want our kids to have better lives than we did, we wish them the best and if we start noticing certain behaviors, we want to get rid of those traits.

In most cases, the best way is to talk but some moms just yell and scream. Children also can make everything hard if they are stubborn.

Rising stubborn kids can be emotionally and physically draining.

In most cases, moms who didn’t go to school left their careers, and lived an unfilled life wouldn’t want their kids to go through the same, they will put you under pressure because they want the best for you.

Maybe all your mom wants for you is to have a better life than she did.

3. She loves you

Your mom loves you so much and that’s why she is focused on every little thing you do wrong. She loves you so much that she wants you to own the entire world.

But at the same time, she is blinded because whatever she is doing breaks you emotionally.

The best solution is to be open to your mom, letting your mom know that she is hurting you can help fix your broken relationship.

4. She is just toxic

Some moms are the most toxic people in the world and being close to them can be the greatest mistake you can ever do in your life. They drown you in sadness and bring negative energy into your life.

Every word they say leaves you broken, they never appreciate anything you do for them and all their care about is how they feel.

A toxic mom is a reason you are crying every single day.

Sometimes, toxic moms change but in most cases, they never change, so if your toxic mom never changes, you will have to stay far away from her and only see her when you are mentally prepared for the negative energy.

5. She does drugs or drinks lots of alcohol

Not all moms who drink alcohol and take drugs are terrible, but if you notice that your mom takes drugs and makes you cry after, it is because the drugs are influencing her actions and words.

It can be bearable if it is once a week or month but if it is an everyday routine.

You need to seek help.

6. She resents you

I have seen moms who give birth to kids and resent them after, sometimes it is depression and sometimes, it is because your mom is blaming you for her failures.

Maybe she had to leave her job or studies to rise you and now you are failing her in all your actions. Such feelings can make her resent you and hence she will end up making you cry every day.

7. She is just a bad parent

When a parent is a bad parent, Whatever they do or say will make you sad. In most cases, bad parents don’t realize that they are terrible parents.

However a bad parent is still a parent, and when you start to work on your relationship. You might actually develop a better relationship with your mom.

In conclusion, Moms have different approaches to parenting, Sometimes, you just have to be patient with them.

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