10 Online ways to survive as a mom who can’t afford Daycare

Are you thinking about how stay-at-home moms survive financially while taking care of their kids, Being a mom comes with a number of financial strains that might live you unable to afford daycare for your kids? As a mother who has gone through financial problems, I totally understand.

There are many ways a single mom can make money online to afford daycare for her kids even in the toughest times of her life and these can be starting a blog, starting freelancing, becoming a virtual assistant or even starting an online store.

Life comes with many obstacles as a mother who shoulders all the responsibility of the entire family, it can be physically and emotionally overwhelming but it is through those dark times that you need to become stronger like a rock even if it hurts.

You need to believe that things are gonna be okay but you need to start somewhere. Below are the various ways you can work from home as a single mom while taking care of your kids.

How to make money online as a mom who can’t afford daycare

To become successful, you have to be willing to put in extra energy. You have to work hard to see money coming in, nothing comes easy.

1 . Start a blog

Blogging is one of the most common ways to earn money online for anyone whether a beginner, a mom, student. It doesn’t require you to invest a lot of money to start a blog,.

All you need is to identify a passion or a topic, something you want to talk about. Let’s say, you have a passion for home gardening, blogging about different home gardening tips will help you create an audience who will later buy your products.

Many people will say blogging is dead but don’t be fooled, millions of blogs are being created every single day. But it will require a lot of work to yield the benefit.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to start a blog cheaply right now.

2. Start freelancing

When it comes to freelancing, anyone can do it because we all have at least one skill we can use to make money. You can also learn various skills online by watching videos on youtube.

With websites like Fiverr, it has become easy to make a good income by freelancing our skills, recently I had to pay $50 to a man in Pakistan to fix this website.

The good thing about freelancing is whatever skill you have, you can make money out of it, if you have video editing skills, social media marketing skills, copywriting skills, coding skills, or any other skill. you will get paid for your work.

I prefer starting with Fiverr because they have a large customer base and the company has built a reputable name.

3. Become a Virtual Assistant

So many companies are being started and most of them are looking for virtual assistants because it’s cheaper to have a virtual assistant than an office assistant.

Employers are willing to pay you for their services, and if you build a good rating. You will end up earning around $5000 a month working from home as a single mom who can’t afford daycare.

You can get your first virtual assistant gig on Fiverr

4. Start an online store

We are in an era where most people shop online, I buy everything I need online from grocery shopping to clothes for the kids. The e-commerce industry is growing and it’s time for you to take a share of it.

Anyone can start up an online store, I prefer starting online with Woocommerce since it’s cheaper, and as a beginner, you won’t be stressed to pay monthly fees.

It’s very easy to start an online store with Woocommerce, Use this guide to learn how to start a website cheaply. Then all you need is to install the woo-commerce plugin.

It’s better to focus on starting a niche store. start with one product and see how it works out.

5. Become a copywriter

Since new websites are started every day, Many of them are looking for copywriters to write content for their blogs. Everyone can write.

With tools like Grammarly, you can make any sentence look professional. All you have to do is get time, sign up for Fiverr and start receiving gigs.

6. Parenting coach

You are a mom who is going through so much and learning so much in the process, I remember when I was a mom for the first time, I had a number of issues to solve which included anger management tricks and learning not to scream at my child.

You get to grow up and become better each other as a mother, you go through a number of obstacles which you overcome. Motherhood is challenging so being a parenting coach and using what you have learned to help other struggling moms can make you money as you stay home and take care of your kids.

7. Online surveys

Companies want to know what you think about their products. they are willing to pay you to tell them about their services and products. There are millions of online survey companies you can use to start making money online.

By adding $100-$200 from answering online surveys. You will be able to save the money and use it for something important.

My husband loves answering surveys and he uses the money he earns to buy wine we drink on Sabbath.

8. Affiliate Marketing

This is my favorite way to make money online, Affiliate marketing involves selling other people’s products in exchange for a commission. For example, you can money by promoting goods from amazon or services on Fiverr.

When someone makes a purchase and pays, you get paid a commission. it is a popular way of making money online for anyone. The good thing is you can start now.

There are millions of products on Clickbank that you can promote and make money right this moment. Remember everything requires hard work.

However, if you want to learn how to make money affiliate marketing. Learn from the best in the Marketing industry.

9. Start an online course

With tools like Thinkific, anyone can create an online course easily in just hours. Right now, we buy courses online about how to smile.

Literally, With the right information, you can sell any course to people and you will find clients. If you are skilled in anything, it’s a good idea to sell your knowledge to other people.

10. Start dropshipping

Dropshipping has taken over today’s trend of commerce, literally, anyone can start an online store without having inventory.

You don’t need the stock to start an online store, all you have to do is find the product you want to sell, create a website, find a supplier and start selling.

You can leverage social media to sell any product you wish to sell, This is a nice way to start making money.

You can use a lot of free information

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