Mother of three can lift a can of beans with her vagina.

Viewers of daily mail were left in wonders on seeing a woman who would lift a can of beans with her vagina.

Kristy Wright is a mother of 3 children and she says her vagina is the strongest in the UK

She has gone ahead to encourage all women to use jade eggs in order to strengthen their vagina muscles.

While speaking to the host Ruth Langford and Eamonn Holmes, Kirsty said was running after birth and she realized that she had wet her self.

She said she went ahead to do some Kegels but they did work for her until she met a woman at Waitrose who told her about jade eggs.

She went ahead and said she is so grateful to shop in Waitrose.

watch the video here 

Kristy said that she trained her self about how to use jade eggs and we went ahead to explain saying “vaginas are amazing, they are flexible .vagina are squeezing to hold that in”

She showed off her strength in a video clip where she was swinging 250g of marmite before she switched to a tin of baked beans and finalized with a 2kg bag of beans.

Describing the exercises, she said, ”imagine all this like you are sipping a cocktail through your passage at the back”


Kristy said its all about pulling up, relaxing a little bit and then pulling up.

Kristy went ahead to explain how she has better orgasms.


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