The myth that my vagina will be the same after childbirth is a lie

Today I woke up, grabbed my phone and looked at the various myths I believed before I had a baby and one that caught my eyes was the fact that vaginas go back to the way they used to be after vaginal delivery.

I don’t believe in it, the thing is, in 2019, I had my own baby girl, mom and everyone told me that my vagina will be okay with time.

Vaginal childbirth

The process of having a vaginal delivery is one of the most common ways but like many mothers, it comes with a price varying among different women.

Some women will have a loose vagina, leaky urine, scars, dryness, and others will lose interest in sex after childbirth, even though some women go through it and heal, others don’t.

If you had a vaginal delivery, you would definitely know that it is one of the most painful, annoying, disturbing, traumatizing, amazing and greatest moments of your life, you literally never forget that experience.

Every time someone discusses the process of their birth, I just feel butterflies in my stomach and my whole body shakes for a second because it feels like I’m reliving that moment when I pushed my baby out.

MY Vagina birth 

My pregnancy period was stressful but with the help of my husband, it was all okay, I talked to him every time I felt like the world was crumbling down, he was there to do the best he could.

one morning, I woke up and it all started. We went to the hospital but my contractions hadn’t started yet and we stayed there 3 days before my baby arrived.

A Lot of tests were carried out at the arrival at the hospital and many checkups were done, had to wait for 2 days until the 3rd day when my uterus was 8cm dilated and that’s when I felt the huge contractions.

Wow, contractions felt like hell, had to endure for 10hours until it was time to deliver the baby.

I pushed and pushed the baby until she was out, that moment felt like death was coming my way but that all changed after I had my baby girl crying.

During child-birth, I had a 3degree vaginal cut to pave way for the baby and that left both me and my vagina in a post-trauma.

Even if it all healed so well, I feel like I will have to keep that reminder down there that it was cut and it will never be the same as before childbirth.

This is why I say its all a myth because not all of us get the luxury of having our vaginas the same after child delivery.

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