Should you tell your Obese husband that his weight has killed your interest in sex

I was in such a place in my life where my husband was fat, even though we had a good sex life, it was still bothering me. Weight makes it hard to have a pretty normal sex life but as a wife, You are left in an unbearable situation whereby telling him about his weight might cause problems in your marriage. But let me ask you A question, Will any good come from not telling him?

Telling your husband that his weight is endangering your marriage will make him aware of the changes he has to take if he wants to continue having a smooth happy marriage.

Obesity comes with many problems like heart disease, erectile dysfunction, and loss of interest in sex on your partner’s side.

Even though it is a hard discussion, for a good relationship, You should be open. he might take it in a bad way. But honesty is better than lying.

As married women, We are asked to compromise, But should we compromise our sexual happiness? After all, What is marriage without happy sex? Sex creates the bond all married people should have. You can check out the 15 ways to spice up sex in your marriage.

Why Should you tell your Obese husband that his weight has killed your interest in sex?

Below are the Valid reasons why you be open about your unhappiness.

1 . You will never be happy Again

If you decide to stay quiet, you are creating a bridge between you and him. You are also deciding to stay unhappy and compromise with your emotions.

Even though, It is a must to compromise in marriage. Compromising with unhappy sex in marriage never ends on good terms.

Choosing unhappiness over asking him to lose weight is stupid and unaccepted. As people in a relationship, We are all obliged to work hard to make each other happy. Just be open.

2. You might cheat on him

When you are starved of good sex, As a person, Your body will demand it. When women are having unhappy marriages, Going out with other men becomes a solution since they provide what their husbands don’t.

3. End up by Divorce

When your marriage is not working out great, then the only thing most people consider is diorce. Sex helps create bonds among couples If that bonding between two people is gone. Their is no desire, no attraction, and definitely no love. Couples are left with only one option of only choosing to divorce.

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