8 reasons why your parents make you feel worthless

Yes sometimes, our parents make us feel worthless, it can be for short period or for all our lives, and as children, we just never understand why they make us feel worthless even when we feel amazingly great.

Your parents make you feel worthless because you have disappointed them, they are just toxic parents, they have high stands for you or they are just unsupportive parents.

I just want to let you know that you are amazing in your own way and if people make you feel worthless, then they have something wrong with them.

You are the master of your own fate, you craft it the way you want and when your time comes, you will be up in the skies and they will leave to wonder.

Why do your parents make you feel worthless?

These are some of the reasons why your parents make you feel worthless, Remember, sometimes, the reasons are hidden and it’s your duty to find out why.

1 . You disappointed them

This can happen if your parents had so many expectations of you, they expected you to be married at 25 years or they wanted you to be a doctor but you turned out a YouTuber and they are just not happy with your life choices.

You might have disappointed them when you came out as gay or lesbian and because of your sexuality, your parents make you feel worthless.

There are so many reasons, sometimes, parents want you to do as they say and when you choose a path for yourself, they just hate you.

Well, I am here to tell you that if you made a choice that made you happy, go ahead and be yourself.

2. Just toxic parents

Yes, some parents are just so toxic, they bring all the anger from not achieving what they dreamt to you.

Then they start to manipulate you in every way and when you say no, that angers them.

When they see you do things the way you want, they assume you are going to fail as they did and that resentment they feel towards you makes you feel worthless.

Sometimes, toxic parents will just make your life a living hell, they will say insults and negative things to you that will make you feel worthless.


To survive toxic parents, you either seek help, ignore them, talk to them or leave them for good.

3. They have high standards for you

Sometimes, parents set very high standards for their kids and when the kids don’t reach those standards, then the parents refer to them as failures.

Because you not doing what they expect of you, your parents will make you feel worthless.


Well, Remind your parents that your life is yours to live and you are entitled to choose your path.

4. Because your siblings are more successful

If you have siblings who are more successful than you, then you will be the black sheep of your family, and if your parents don’t put any effort into showing you love and attention. You will feel worthless

In this situation, it can happen both intentionally and unintentionally, and sometimes, it is the feeling of failure that makes you feel worthless.


Let your family know that they make you feel worthless and ask them to change.

5. You are not supportive of them

Do you have parents that need your support and aid but you don’t help them in any way. Then you will be worthless to them

Being raised in an n African home, I was brought up as first insurance to my parents in all aspects of life, if my mom needs help, I must obey.

So if you are a teenager who never even cleans the house and all you do is go on your phone, then, your parents will make you feel worthless.

If your parents are old and you even don’t turn to help, then you are worthless to them.


Try to help your parents in the best way that you can.

6. You have not accomplished anything good in your life

You are failing in every aspect of your life, you have no job, no business, no goal, no dreams and you sleep around and do drugs. To your parents, you are worthless.

They didn’t bring you into the world to live your life like that, they want you to make a good simple life that has meaning to it.

And if you chose to live your life with no purpose, then your parents will make you feel worthless to them.


Set goals and live a life full of purpose, be a better version of yourself.

7. You are Lazy

Are you the type of child who even never cleans your room or help around?

If all you do is nothing then you are worthless to your parents, they didn’t raise a brat, they want a child who helps them and improves himself every day.


Stop being a lazy child and help

8. You do this to yourself

You are doing this to yourself, your parents are amazing in every way but as a child, you feel worthless, this is a serious mental issue that needs urgent attention.

You feel worthless even if you’re doing everything right.

You are bringing yourself down and you need help.


Talk to your parents about it and seek urgent help.

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