Phone stuck in the vagina,woman sues samsung

Salms Briant is  the woman suing Samsung for 1.8 million dollars after the phone got stuck in her vaginaThe 39-year-old woman says after inserting the phone in her vagina, it got stuck inside for 96 hours forcing her to go for a  surgery to get the phone out of the vagina.

She says that she paid around $1,168,000 to the hospital and she suffered from psychological distress because of all situation.

It all happened after a friend dared her to put the phone in the vagina but she realized that the phone wouldn’t come out after.

“I wanted to see how it would feel to put my cell phone on vibration mode inside of me, just for fun, but it soon turned out to be a nightmare,” she told judge Andrew Peterson in tears”

Her attorney Jim McAfee’s claims that Briant was left with no other option apart from a C-section in order to remove the cell phone from her vagina yet she had no insurance at the time.

“Samsung is definitely at fault here as they offer no warning about the dangers and potential risks during the insertion of their products inside their clients male or female body cavities or genitals” Salma Briant’s lawyer, Jim McAfee said in court”

However, Samsung spokesman said they wouldn’t comment at the situation at the moment but a settlement was an option at the table.

Apple faced the similar situation in 2014 after a man attempted to swallow 14 iPhones and ended up in the hospital due for mercury poisoning forcing the company to legally specify that all their products are not fit for human consumption, the patient was given an undisclosed amount of money in the settlement.



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