How to prepare your vagina for oral sex and feel you’re in wonderland

It scares many women to have oral sex because they are not sure about how their vaginas taste and smell. They end up not enjoying the greatest fun of having someone down them, however, we shall discuss the other ways on how you can draw up your vagina for oral sex.

Washing your vagina, treating all infections and shaving it well will make you prepared to have the best oral sex of all time.

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Why women feel uncomfortable having oral sex?

Women have various reasons to why they wouldn’t be okay when someone goes down on them but we got a few of the reasons and these include:

1. Lack of confidence

Many women lack the courage to let someone go down on them, they seem unsure about themselves.

Lack of courage makes them feel dirty, unclean, and uncomfortable about letting someone put their heads in their vagina.

Experiences, for example, sexual abuse and mental torture can trigger the lack of confidence.

When I was having my first erotic adventures, someone told me I wasn’t sweet enough, and that made me lose self-confidence. It took time to believe in myself again until i meant someone who appreciated me 100%.

It might not be a similar incident but it can be something someone told you that caused you to feel small about yourself.

Well, that has to change now because whatever background you had is setting you from enjoying your present.

It is inhibiting you from enjoying the moment of having less control over your legs 

2. Being Unsure of your front hole taste and smell

It’s complicated to tell how your lady garden tastes and inhales all the time and this makes it troublesome to let him/her go down on you.

Your honeypot can never smell like roses and stop using douches and chemicals to force it.

All Vagina‘s smell depends on what we eat. The food you eat determines how your vagina will smell.

Foods like cranberries, pineapples, Apples are good for yoni health.


How to establish a good vagina taste and smell

Foods that will make your vagina happier.

If you have a bad vaginal odor, you might have an infection like a yeast infection, UTI, or Bacterial vaginosis, I advise you to visit the gynecologist.

If you are uncertain about the smell of your vagina, Communication in the relationship makes things better. Ask your partner to tell if the smell is okay or not.

Steps on how to prepare your vagina for oral sex?

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1. Make sure you infection-free

We already discussed earlier that vaginal infections like UTI, yeast, and bacterial vaginosis are the major causes of vaginal itching, bad odor, and redness.

Having an infection will make your vagina smell bad and that won’t be good during oral sex.

Use this kit to check out the Ph of your vagina.

Being free from infections is the number one step to having good oral sex.

You can also include natural remedies to your diet to reduce the risk of getting infections.

Here are the 32 natural remedies for UTI and natural remedies for vaginal odor.

2. Shave it

Imagine someone goes under you and the surrounding bush covers your inkpot, Imagine someone is under you and all they are trying to find is where your paradise is.

It’s annoying and disgusting to some people but if your partner loves the bush, then you can keep your forest down there.

Shaving the vagina also lowers the risk of you getting vaginal infections like yeast, BV, and urinary tract infection.

Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to shave off the hair around you Phoenix Nest.

3. Wash the vagina

One reason your vagina smells like rotten oranges is you not cleaning it the right way or not washing it at all.

Once, I was talking to my friend who told me about a story where he wanted to do oral sex but his girlfriend wasn’t clean at all. she worked all day, went to bed without showering and they held a session with the family.

There won’t be a meeting for you but this can either destroy your inmate life if not marriage or deny you the right to having your plate eaten alive.

Remember, it feels like the road to paradise (this is for believers who want heaven)

When washing your cock/dildo holder, make sure you wash the inner labia so well because they keep the dirt that can cause your vagina to smell fishy or like ammonia.

Remember to dry it with a towel after a shower. That’s the trick because your partner will wet it again with his work out..

Those the basic steps for someone who wants to enjoy oral sex without having to work so hard.

How to clean your vagina after oral sex.

After you have had an unforgettable time of your life, you wouldn’t like it when your honeypot becomes unbearable by smelling bad and itching.

You need to clean your happy vagina and prepare it for more moments. That is why we give you the steps on how you will clean your vagina after oral sex.

  • Go pee. When you urinate, all the unwanted organisms come with urine.
  • Clean it. You can either use a wet towel or take a bath, this depends on what you want because some women prefer using a wet towel (If using wipes, make sure you use feminine wipes) if they don’t feel like a shower while others take a bath.
  • Dry it. Remember harmful bacteria prefer moist environments, so drying your vagina makes it super clean and sweet.

Read about 25 tips to maintaining a perfect and healthy vagina.

What to do if oral sex still fails despite everything you try.

Some women try out almost everything but they can’t enjoy oral sex. I advise such a woman to see a sex therapist.

Going to a sex therapist might be the answer to your problems, the therapist will help you rediscover yourself and this will improve your sex life.

Bottom point.

Oral sex is amazing and everyone deserves to enjoy it, but several women do not enjoy because for several reasons, for example, lack of confidence.

You are a strong and confident woman, All you have to do is welcome your inner self and the rest shall follow.

Embrace your inner self.

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