8 reasons you feel sad around your family

We all have families but sometimes, there comes a moment when you do not want to be with your family because you feel sad around your family. It can be devasting and lonely when even the people that are supposed to be there for you make you sad the most.

Being sad around your family might happen because you have a toxic family, you are going through a tough time, you just don’t like your family, your family makes you feel worthless and maybe, your family doesn’t love you at all.

If being around your family makes you sad, then you can consider taking a break from them until your feel better.

Why you feel sad around your family?

Below are some of the reasons that might explain why you feel sad around your family.

1 . You are going through a tough time

You might be going through a hard time right now in your life, maybe it is related to work, health or finances. For example, for people going through a financial crisis, being around their family reminds them of how vulnerable they are.

Sometimes, you might want to be alone if you are going through a tough time in your life, And that being around people who are happy will just make you feel more depressed.

Sometimes, you won’t even find a joke funny because emotionally, your mind is far away.

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2. Your family is toxic

Having a toxic family will only make you sad. Your family members are so toxic and everything uttered from their mouths is toxic.

They are so negative in every aspect of life and that alone makes you sad.

Your family members might also be so selfish and all they think about is themselves, So being around atoxic family will make your sad.

3. Your family doesn’t love you

Your family members have never shown you, love, to them, you are like an outsider, and they don’t care about you or your life.

They are not supportive to you in any aspect of life and even when you need their help, they won’t turn up to support you.

They say eveil things behind your back and influence other people to dislike you.

If your family members don’t love you, you will be sad around your family.

4. You just don’t like them

It happens a lot ,if you don’t like someone, everything they do or say will just make you angry. Actually, their entire existence will make you sad.

If you don’t like them, then you will be sad around your family members.

5. They make you feel worthless

This always happens if your parents keep comparing you with your siblings,They will compare everything from your diet, career, and even your dreams.

They just don’t appreciate anything you do,if your family makes you feel like your a worthless human being, There is no way you will be happy around them.

All they will do is cause you emotional pain.

6. They are always critizing your choice in life

Let me give an example of being gay, or lesbian, If you go close to your family and all they do is critize your choice of living, You won’t feel happy around them.

It can also be how you dress, that every cloth you put on your body will be criticized by your family. They just love criticizing every little aspect in your life.

That even in family meetings, you become the topic. Criticism will make you feel sad around your family.

No one deserves to go through all that.

7. They are more successful than you.

You might be feeling sad around your family because all your siblings are more successful that you and that makes you feel insecure.

The feeling of insecurity makes you feel small around your family. This might be entirely on you. You are sad because you feel bad that you are the most unsuccessful in your family.

It might be that all your family members have kids and it’s only you who doesn’t have kids due to serious issues and being around them reminds you of the pain.

8. They treat you like the last option

If your family calls you last on any occasion. if they even forget to let you know about important things and events . You will be sad.

We all want to feel prioritised in all situations of life, feeling left out all the time will make you go through emotional pain.

You feel sad around your family because they treat as the last option.

What to do if you feel sad aorund your family

Talk to them

The first step to improving your relationship with your family is being honest with how you feel, talking to them, and letting them know how you feel everytime you are around them.

If they have been ignoring your feelings, they will start treating you better and that might improve your relationship.

Seek help

Going to therapy can help you heal the pain you feel,Talking to your therapist will help improve your mental health.

If you can go to therapy with your family, it might help improve the relationship with your family.

Make your self a priority

The world is complicated and you have to learn to make yourself a priority, you are going to face judgment wherever you go but that shouldn’t let you down.

You have to learn to be confident and be happy for who you are.

Learn to be love yourself for who you are and don’t take too much negativity to your heart.

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