Why do people scream while having sex?

Do you scream during sex or do you know anyone who screams during sex, or are you that person that never sleeps because of your neighbors at night, wondering, why do people scream while having sex, Can’t they be quiet while enjoying their private time?

It can be a pleasure, a way of expressing how they are enjoying the moment, and it can be a turn-on for some people OR a way of a pretense to make the other party feel like they are doing a good job.

Let’s put it this way, Imagine two people having sex, and then, the other party doesn’t make any sounds, It might make you feel like you are not doing any Job at all. But by the other party making some sounds, It gives you the energy that you are indeed doing a fantastic job. Click to find the 15 ways to spice up sex in your marriage

Why do people scream while having sex?

Below are some of the reasons why people scream while having sex.

1 . Empowering your Partner

In most cases, most people scream during sex to empower their partners that they are doing an amazing job. They scream to show them that they should continue because they are on the right track.

According to the 2011 study by Gayle Brewer, He asked women 71 sexually active heterosexual women between the ages of 18 to 48 the reason why they scream or make sounds during sex. It was concluded that 66% of women made noise during sex not because they were having an orgasm but to speed up their partner’s climax. and 87% made noise during sex to boost their self-esteem.

Most people will love it when you make noise during sex but their also those partners who love it in a quite nice place.

2. Way of enjoyment

To some people, it is part of foreplay, it acts as a turn-on, when they make those noises, it signals to their brain that it’s time to enjoy and live in the moment. instead of laughing to show they are happy, they will make noises or scream during sex because they are having a good time.

3. Some Pretend

Some partners just pretend that everything is okay yet they are not enjoying anything .

They pretend to make you feel good or it is just for show But yet, in reality, they are bored and all they are doing is just pretending.

is it okay to scream during sex?

Yes, If screaming makes you have a good climax, it is okay to scream during sex, but sometimes, it becomes annoying if your neighbors have to hear you have sex. Be careful to control your sound. It won’t look good if your neighbors have to hear your screams.

If your neighbors have kids, Your screaming during sex will make them devasted if their kids have to hear that.

Never fake your screams because your partner might lose interest in you if you have to fake your screams. Be genuine and remember, no need enjoys hearing you scream.

How do you control screaming during sex?

If you scream a lot during sex, you need to control yourself, if you have people around you. Learn to control yourself, You don’t need to make it so loud. By training slowly. You will learn to control your screams during sex.

SoundProof your Bedroom

This might be extreme but if your scream while having sex, and you want to continue screaming, then you need to consider soundproofing your house. If you have other family members around, Then, consider soundproofing your Bedroom. Click to find cheap soundproofing options here.

Getting soundProof curtains will also minimize your sound during sex.

Use Speakers

Most people prefer playing music if they are having sex with someone who screams during sex, When you play music, Your noise during sex will not inconvenience anyone. By using boom players. You can prevent your sexual noises from being heard. Check out the best speakers for this type of noise here

Do males moan during sex?

Most men Moan while having a climax or during a blowjob. Men rarely moan all the time during sex but during an orgasm.

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