Complete guide to shaving your vagina-all you need to know

Before I talk about shaving your vagina, let me first tell you a story about me in high school.

When I was in high school, I was in a boarding school where we had a big one bathroom and other one-person bathrooms, I always preferred the big one because it was cleaner than the rest which meant that we were showering very many girls in one bathroom at some time.

It was always necessary for you to shave because other girls would backbite you if you had a bush around the vagina.

Most girls always shaved off to prevent being talked about, but personally, I hated the bush around my vagina.

Up to now, I still don’t like it when the hair grows around my vagina but I hate shaving off, This is because I hate using shavers and waxing hurts, Am left with no option but to go with the less painful one.

Sometimes I do waxing only if someone is gonna give me oral sex because I don’t want them to feel disgusted with my honey pot.

Why Remove Pubic Hair?

Are you a person who hates shaving off or keeping all your bush, Either way below are the main reasons why you shaving your vagina is a must.

It is hygienic.

Did you know that having pubic hair can increase your chances of getting infections like yeast and UTI? By shaving your vagina, you will be preventing future infections, itchiness, and vaginal odor.

It is one way to get rid of Pubic Lice

Shaving your vagina is a simple cure for getting rid of lice despite you will still need medical treatment.

A shaved vagina is more appealing.

It looks good just like a baby face, I like it when my vag has nothing on it and I believe some men like it more.

It makes it easy during oral sex

Imagine having a bush down there and someone is trying to figure out where your goddess is, but a shaved vagina makes it easy to be eaten because everything is seen clearly

Tastes and preference

Shaving your vagina is a decision you make happily but in some situations, women are caught up when their boyfriends like the bush.

There are some men who like the bush down there yet you don’t like it, Under this situation, Communicate to your boyfriend and agree on something but remember shaving your vagina is one way of keeping a clean and healthy vagina.

Best Way to Shave Bikini Area

Shaving these sensitive areas will require you to have enough time to avoid rushing, Rushing can leave you with unwanted injuries.

You will need tools and these include:

Trimmer or scissors

You need a good pair of scissors for trimming, You will have to trim before you shave because it prevents pulling of hair.

The conair satiny is one of the best trimmers on the market, it can be used to trim unwanted hair on the face and bikini region.

Click to find more information about this conair satiny trimmer.

A mirror

You need a hand mirror to see clearly what you doing down there, Consider getting a magnified one.

check out this omrio hand mirror.

Shaving Cream

Buy a cream that works on sensitive skin, before you apply the cream down there, first apply it on your arm to see if your skin isn’t irritated.

Click to Check out cremo barber shaving cream.

Shaver or razor

It’s your choice to use a shaver or a razor down there.

Make sure what you buy is well -maintained, clean and sharp because your vaginal area is sensitive.

I prefer the Panasonic electric shaver.

After-shave moisturizer.

You need a soothing moisturizer to apply after shaving so that you reduce irritation of the skin

It softens the skin.

Aloe Vera would work so effective at soothing your skin.

Before you Start shaving your vagina

You can start by having a warm shower to relax the hair follicles and skin.

Showering also softens the hair

After a bath, you should wait for 5-15 minutes to relax your skin.

Lay down a sheet or a towel, this is where the debris will drop because you wouldn’t like hair to be everywhere.

After laying the towel down, sit or choose any comfortable position for you but make sure the mirror is positioned right

Make sure you have enough light, don’t shave in dark places because you may get a cut.


Trimming makes the hair short, this makes it easy when shaving.

If you using scissors, pull the long hair upwards, You should be careful while pulling the hair, then get the scissors and begin trimming the hair.

In most cases, I first comb the hair to see how long it is beside it becomes straight and easier to cut.

If you using an electric blade, in most cases they have a special comb attached to guide you on how much hair you get off, Well do this with care to avoid cuts.


Before you start to shave, you need to first apply some shaving cream, make sure it is just enough.

If you have a sensitive skin, it would be best if you applied some shaving oil first to avoid irritation.

Pull the skin with your bare hands to allow the bladder or shaver to move easily .besides pulling the skin prevents cuts.

While shaving, be gentle and don’t put pressure on the shaver to avoid injuries on your vagina.

If the hair is removed, avoid going to that region again and again to avoid irritation.

Remove the cut hair after each pass so that it doesn’t clog with the shaving cream and hair.

After you have shaved, use your bare hands to feel everywhere so that you don’t have any hairs left on your vagina.


After shaving, apply some moisturizer and leave it for some few minutes to absorb before you put on your underwear.

Avoid wearing tight clothes to prevent irritation.

Wear cotton panties because they allow moisture to your vagina, This keeps a clean and healthy vagina.

It is best to shave in the night when going to bed

What you might feel after shaving.


Every time I shave my vagina, it itches like hell and this happens when hair is growing back.

I apply some conditioner to relax the skin and wear loose clothes too

Remember cotton panties are the best, they allow moisture inside.

Soreness and Irritation of the skin

The skin of your vagina is sensitive and you might experience some redness and soreness after shaving.

When shaving, do not exert pressure on the shaver.

Use a moisturizer after shaving, it keeps your skin soft.

enjoy shaving your vagina.

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  1. You can’t shave your vagina, the vagina is internal. You can shave other parts of your vulva such as mons pubis or mons veneris or labia majora, but not vagina.


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