Should you be uncomfortable of your darker vagina?

?Many women have questions when it comes to the skin of their vagina, some women have a perfect skin that has no issues but others face a problem where the skin of the vagina is darker compared to the rest of the body.

I guess no one would complain if the color of their vagina matches with their overall body.

The darker vagina affects the intimate life of some women.

Why a darker Vagina?

Vagina skin has a high content of melanocytes “the cells that pigment” than anywhere in the body.

It is also the place that gets a lot of friction when you walk.

It is said that the heat generated down there can make your vagina darker.

Should you be uncomfortable with your darker vagina.

Some women feel uncomfortable because of the darker vagina ,

It might be that you just feeling insecure about the color of your vagina yet your partner is okay with it.

its time to take back your insecurities,

women feel uncomfortable when their partners complain about the color of the vagina.

People are not the same ,that is why if someone loves you for who you are ,

The color of your vagina won’t be the issue to set you apart .

Love is accepting someone for who they really are and if he or she wont accept your vagina for what it is ,then you have a lot to consider .

There are number of douches and other products claiming to make your vagina lighter ,those products can cause bad odor ,bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections .

Use such products with extra care .

The best thing you can do for your vagina is accept who you are ,You don’t need someone to tell say you perfect .Your vagina is amazing and if someone loves you ,they should love your vagina first .

Never be scared to set your legs open for oral sex because you afraid your vagina is dark


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What can you do to avoid more darkening?

It can be easier to avoid more vagina darkening and below are some of the ideas to help

Treat infections early .

Infections like yeast can cause itching that influences rubbing and this can lead to more darkening .

Lose some weight

If you are over weight ,there will be too much friction that will cause more darkening of the skin of your vagina.

Avoid douches

Soaps and other perfumed products can irritate the skin of your vagina hence causing your skin to darken .


Using a good moisture will help the skin of your vagina to stay healthy and this will lower the darkening process.

Coconut oil is good for moisturizing the skin.

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