Should You Go Down On Your Wife?

Sex involves going down on your wife and any woman but not everyone can do it. Some men are left with the most conservative ideas of not wanting to do it yet they want to have a blow Job.

The simple answer is yes, YOu should go down on your wife if she likes it, You should make it a mission to make sure both of You enjoy sex. Making sure that your partner has a climax and is satisfied in bed should be of great importance to you for a better and happier relationship to come.

Below are some of the reasons you should be down on your wife.

Most Women Love it

80% of women love it when their partner goes down on them, Most women enjoy it, and if you asked any woman. Everyone would agree that it does feel so nice. It brings in a feeling of sweetness, fun and sexiness, and satisfaction.

If you are not sure if your partner likes it, Then you can always ask them about how they feel, In most cases, A better sexual relationship requires better communication.

Just surprise her and do it, She will definitely appreciate your effort.

It is scientifically Proven

In the 2013 study of 243 men in long-term heterosexual partnerships:

“The research showed that men who were most likely to report getting their partner to orgasm during oral sex were more likely to think their woman was sought after by other men. Therefore, the more eager men are to please partners believed to have better options the more likely they may be to perform cunnilingus to keep their mates from cheating.”

In conclusion, Work Hard to make her happy.

It is an easy way to turn her on

80 % of women will get turned on if you go down them, It is such an experience that makes it so romantic, When you come back home while having dinner, Buy a nice bottle of wine, and prepare dinner if you can. Wait for her, and prepare her bath by even including some bathBombs. When she comes to the table. Surprise her by going down on her. Such an intense and romantic moment. Remember to have a strong Table convenient for this. Check out this strong furniture that makes sex easier and more fun.

Tips On going down on her

Below are a few tips that will make this entire experience unforgettable.

1. Do your own Research

Always first research, and find out what women want and how to do it, There are many videos and courses that will teach you how to give your partner an unforgettable experience. You can first use your hands to know what are her favorite spots. Take your time to study her and how she reacts to every part you touch.

2. Take it slow

Take your time and don’t rush, start slowly on the outside as you work to the inside, Explore how she reacts with each step, Remember, there are so many nerves on the outside of a woman’s vagina. take your time as you explore bit by bit.

Then you can walk inside slowly.

3. Use Dildo when you can

Yes, It is okay to introduce some sex toys, it can be a we-vibe, vibrator, or dildo. Below are the best sex toys for couples. Remember, you have to give her a time that she will yearn to have tomorrow, She needs to enjoy as much as she can. Check out these best-sellers

4. Use your hands if you can

Going down on a woman doesn’t necessarily mean only your mouth, You can use your hands to mix things up a little. Romance her body slowly by touching her body.

5. When she is Cuming, Don’t stop

Unless she asks you to stop but don’t stop when she is coming. It still feels hot when you hold her tight as you continue when she is climaxing.

Is it ok to buy a sex toy?

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