How to deal with a vagina sore after sex.

You just had sex and the next thing you feel is like your vagina is going somewhere, I mean when it is sore after sex.

It is all over the place and it’s like all your blood is flowing in every inch of your vagina. Do not regret having had a pleasurable moment because there are few things that might be causing your vagina to be sad.

Many people ask themselves if it is normal for their vagina to hurt after sex but this depends on a number of circumstances. The number one option here is to talk to your partner about it, communication is the number one solution to a better sexual relationship.

When having sex, sometimes it can hurt and sometimes not at all for example if you have never handled such a huge d***k before and now you having it inside, Don’t expect to not hurt a little.

Well sometimes, some people struggle with painful sex all there lives and this sucks, All you have to do is meet up with your gynecologist for some tests.

Below are some of the causes that might cause your vagina to be sore after sex.

1. You had super rough and fast sex

There is a difference between you loving it so fast or your partner loving it so fast, Pushing it so hard and fast is great but too much friction isn’t so great.

If you doing it so first and speedy with your partner, you should also be well lubricated. If you not well lubricated, your vagina will be sore after sex.

Friction can be great! But too much friction can cause some serious discomfort.

2.You not lubricated enough.

This is one of the major cause for a sore vagina among all women, it also causes painful sex among partners.

When having sex, the number ONE condition for better sex is you being lubricated and this can be achieved by fore playing.

Women are not the same, every woman has different amounts of sweet oil that come when aroused.

To some women the oil produced is totally enough but if you one person who just survives, then you will have to use some lube or natural remedies in order to make sex enjoyable and sweet without pain.

3. Your partner is fully given/endowed

Have you ever dated someone that just looking at their d**k makes you scared to even go ahead within a relationship?

There are men that are fully God-given and some women love it but some don’t, well it’s all about priorities.

The only negative side about the huge penis is that it can hit your cervix a during penetration, This is painful just like menstrual cramps.

4. You have an infection.

Let me say things are becoming worse and worse, for example,e you are experiencing itching, abnormal discharge, and burning,

This can be because of bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection and many other infections that can be checked by the gynecologist.

It should be noted that people with infections always have problems in their sexual lives ranging from pain, itchiness, thrush etc.

5. You’re sensitive to latex.

If you feel uncomfortable after using latex condoms, Do not feel cursed because most women have the same problem.

Some women have finally decided to never use condoms because it does not only cause their vagina to become sore after sex but also itchiness and dryness during sex.

Well, do not forget that protected sex is safe.

6. You have a medical condition.

You might be experiencing pain during or after sex because of fibroids or endometriosis. These medical issues are serious and its best you talk to your gynecologist


1.Warm bath.

Taking a warm bath is not only relaxing but also it soothes your vagina after you have had lots of sex. This applies to any situation where your vagina is sore after sex.

It is also the best alternative to do especially when you have sex with someone better endowed.

This can be done everytime you have rough sex.


Kegels not only help with tightening a loose vagina but they can also be done especially when your vagina is sore after sex.

It helps by exercising and strengthening  your pelvic muscles

This will help you have better and hotter sex

You can do Kegels after sex to help you relax a little.

Learn more about Kegels here.

3.Use lubricant

Applying lube solves the problem of vaginal dryness If you having sex but you get dry in the middle or you always dry, Your vagina will hurt because there is too much friction.

You can buy lube to increase the level of lubrication of your vagina to enjoy things smoothly.

Applying lube will even allow that huge cock to go inside of you.

4. Apply ice.

Let me say for instance you just had rough sex and your vagina is like burning fire in hell, You can cool it down by using some ice cubes.

All you have to do is put ice cubes in the plastic bag and place it over your vulva. This will cool the burning hell of fire.

5. Visit the doctor.

If the pain is caused by an infection, its best you meet with your doctor.

Your vagina can also be sore for a number of days after sex and it’s recommended to talk to your doctor.

6. Talk to your partner.

Rough sex is amazing to those who like it, But if you don’t like the idea, its best you stop doing it an talk to your partner about it.


Some men do not know how to do romance before they penetrate you inside. Some men just come to you like thieves who want to take away what is yours.

They don’t give you time to get aroused, that’s selfish because they only mind about themselves.

Well if your partner is like that, you need to discuss it.

Foreplay enables a woman to get lubricated so well and this facilitates better sex.

Hope your vagina is now relaxed, Read more from our site.

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