7 Reasons why Your Step Mom hates you

Being raised in a polygamous family, I have so many stepbros and stepsisters although I don’t like calling them stepsisters, I wasn’t raised by a stepmom actually my mom raised many half-siblings of mine. I may know why your stepmom hates you.

Your stepmom might hate you because you are disrespectful, you don’t help around, you let her know you dislike her and maybe she is just an evil person.

One thing to note is it takes time to have a great connection with your stepmom, Don’t rush, just give her enough time to start bonding with you.

But if you have given her time and nothing has improved, she just hates you, and below are some of the reasons your stepmom hates you.

Why your stepmom hates you

These are some of the reasons but it might be deeper than that, if nothing helps, you can try meeting a therapist for help.

1 . You are Disrespectful

As humans, we need to be respected, I understand that you might be dealing with issues like having a new woman replace your mom but if you don’t show respect to her, she will grow to hate you.

Show her respect when she is talking to you, you don’t have to agree with her all the time but you have to respect her.

You might not love her, but respect her, in a long run, Being respectful to each other can help improve your relationship.

2. You talk evil about her

Are you this type of person who talks about her with your family, if you are saying good things, that will be a pass but if you go and talk evil things about her, she will hate you?

Nobody wants anyone to talk negatively about them, Seeing my mom rise all my sisters when she heard that one of her talked evil about her, she wound be so angry. Though she forgives, she never forgets.

This might not be the case with your stepmom, but No matter what, one thing have learned is never talk evil about your stepmom if she hasn’t done anything bad to you.

Even if you hate her at the start, speaking evil of her will only make her hate you.

3. You show her you hate her

So you look at her in a weird way, You bypass her without saying hi and you surely show her that you don’t want anything to do with her, She will respond by hating you.

Being humble is the best way to establish relationships.

If you weren’t welcoming in the start but now, you want to establish a good relationship with her, it’s best if you talk things out, Be honest with her and let her know that you want to improve your relationship.

4. She is just evil

Yes, such people exist, some stepmoms are just evil human beings, they will hate you for being your father’s child, they are born evil and just don’t love anybody apart from themselves.

I have seen stepmoms who hate their stepkids to an extent of killing them, such people do exist.

If you have been a good stepchild and all she does is hate you, Am sorry to tell you that there is nothing you can do, You just have to ignore her and move on with your life.

Your stepmom hates you because she is an evil human being.

5. You don’t help around

Simple things can make us hate people, you come back home and all you do is stay in your room for hours on your phone, imagine she has to do all the housework, make your meals, and even washcloths for you.

You are being a brat and that’s why your stepmom hates you.

You are acting like an entitled person, she is not your nanny, she is your stepmom who needs you to get up and help around the house.

6. She feels threatened by your presence

This happens if your dad loves you so much and she feels threatened, She feels jealousy of the special bond you share with your dad.

Your stepmom hates you because your dad loves you so much and talks about you all the time, but she will come around.

It happens, she wants to be the priority but in your father’s heart, you’re the priority.

7. You just don’t appreciate

So, this woman takes care of you, maybe she cooks and cleans for you but you just don’t appreciate her hard work

You can’t even thank her for a meal.

Thank her and learn to appreciate her for the little things she does for you then your step mom won’t hate you.

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