These women talked about how their vaginas changed after childbirth

Have you given birth and all you think about is how your vagina changed after childbirth, check out how these women’s vaginas changed.

Feeling traumatized

“The changes I experienced were more to do with the trauma, ie my perineal tear, which while healed and totally fine, the scar tissue and sensation change makes me anxious as all hell and penetration at certain angles is so uncomfortable it feels like the tear is going to rip right open again. Took a good year post birth for me to not have a minor anxiety attack at the thought of sex.”

“Also I can’t use my menstrual cup anymore. I used to never feel it but it was just panic-inducing for me when I tried to use it for the first time about a year after birth. For me, Nothing is in the same place it was pre-birth”.

2nd Degree tear and no stitches

“2nd-degree tear no stitches it healed naturally and I got the all-clear but I suspect most of it is my anxiety over the tear. I was constantly worried about splitting it open so the nerves got the better of me”.

“Currently pregnant so it’s been a long time since I needed to use my cup but will definitely get it looked into pp this time round. I learned a lot from my first pregnancy so I’ll be doing things a bit differently this time.”

Weaker pelvic muscles

“The muscles were much weaker for my wife following the second child and she had to work hard to regain most of the control of them again. Piles are also a problem after all the pushing. The labia and clit were more exposed for quite a while (still are to some degree) and she felt very sensitive to touch due to the new exposure. She had to have a cut in her perineum for the first child and this caused quite a bit of pain again after the second kid. She feels like everything was much “lower down” I’m guessing this was due to the weakening of the supporting muscle structure. At the end of the day, there will be changes but they are worth it. Sex is just as enjoyable, just don’t expect the vulva to pop back completely to how it was before, it’s genuinely no big deal. Once you have watched someone you love to give birth to your children you can have nothing but eternal respect.”

It really changes

“Agreed, I hate the whole dialogue of childbirth not affecting it. I too have pushed two babies out, I tore from V to A with number one. It definitely does not look the same as before.”

It changes but its okay

My first is currently 8 months old. My husband hasn’t noticed any changes in how it feels. He said he can feel the scars from the tear I had but only with his fingers if he is specifically looking for them. The only difference I have noticed is we have to have a slightly longer warm-up as the skin feels a little too tight around the scar tissue. It was a 3rd-degree tear though so I’m not surprised everything isn’t completely back to normal. It’s not bad now, just different.

The different places

“I’ve had two kids. My husband says that my vagina feels like things are in different places, but that I’m not any looser than before. My boobs, however, went from DDD to a J permanently. My husband thinks this is the best thing ever.”

Stronger pelvic muscles

“My pelvic muscles got stronger after birth (before my first child I would pee my pants on occasion and I wet the bed frequently) and after nothing like that has ever happened. I think sex got better but also I wasn’t getting the best sex before.”

“I THINK it looks the same, but I tore slightly during my first birth and whatever my doctor did, he needs to change to a plastic surgeon, because my labia minora used to rub uncomfortably against my underwear and now they’re tucked in and I never have uncomfortable chafing anymore.”


“I’m really glad someone said this because I once got down voted to hell for saying my prolapse from childbirth sometimes made me feel like my insides were falling out. Like that couldn’t possibly happen because everything goes back to normal after childbirth! Made me feel invalidated”

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