8 things i could tell my vagina if it would talk and what others said

Have you ever wondered about what you would tell your vagina if it would talk, Well I wonder all the time and if there was an opportunity for my vagina to hear, I would love to tell it how much I love it, What I hate about it and what it should do?

Below are the things I would tell my vagina if it would hear me and also talk.

1.Thank you for being patient

Despite have too many feelings and wanting to know how sex felt like, My vagina was patient until I was 21 to have my first encounter, This is why I could thank for being patient

2.Sorry that our first encounter was bad

When I decided to have sex at the age of 21 years, It was the worst sex of my entire life, it was painful, sad and the biggest horror I ever had.

Besides I feel so bad for that moment, I wish it could wait till it met the right person to give it maximum fun and pleasure.

3.Thank you so much for being so sweet.

Haven’t mentioned how sweet my vagina is? Well, this is how I feel towards my vagina .i always eat healthy foods to keep my vagina healthy, These foods have helped me fight against UTI infections, yeast infections, and many other complications.

4.Thank you for not smelling owlful.

My lovely vagina has managed to smell good after the series of UTI infections I had when I was still in high school, These were sad and annoying but at least, My hole to heaven has managed to avoid any worse vaginal odor.

5.Thank you for beating vaginal dryness.

Most women have issues of vaginal dryness but I want to thank my vagina for not being dry. I love its wetness when its aroused.

6.Am proud of you, my black vagina.

Am a black woman and my vagina is black, am so proud of you my black honeypot, No one should ever make you feel sad and bad because you are awesome.

7.Thank you so much for being part of my vagina.

What would I do if I didn’t have a vagina, Am so lucky to have it because some women are born without a vagina?

The vag being part of me is a great miracle that I thank God for every day.

It is so strong and this makes me feel proud of it.

8.Thank you for being clean and healthy most times.

Keeping a healthy and clean vagina is not as easy at all, Because vaginas are hard to keep happy all the time.

Below are the 25 tips for a clean and healthy vagina

What other women said about what they would tell their vaginas if they would listen.

I asked a number of women to tell me what they would tell their vaginas if they were listening

Below are some of the responses I got.

1. I love you

“I love you and we’ve had some really great, wild, and even tragic times together. I mean, we literally ride or die and it’s till death do we part”

2. You are fabulous

“You are fabulous,” and “Thank you.”

Also, “We’re getting down later, so if you need to take a nap or something, now’s the time.”

3. Why can’t you get enough?

Thanks for always making me feel good, Why can’t you ever get enough?, Why must you make me constantly think about sex?

4.The steamed one

“Thank you for responding to vagina steaming we had, am now feeling better with you”


“We had vagina cancer, am sorry my dear but things will be okay with time

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